Prada Baroque Sunglasses

I’ve been waiting for these Prada Spring 2011 runway sunglasses since I’ve heard about the limited launch a couple months ago! These are the exact ones from the runway, there’s only 500 pieces! Finally today, Luxottica held a press preview to introduce these Baroque Deluxe sunglasses which is currently available at ILORI and Prada stores for $390. If these runway versions are too crazy for you (I personally really love them), there’s a toned down version, Baroque Minimal, that is just as amazing. The Baroque Minimal features the same curly/wavy design on the arms and is available in a variety of colors, these retail for $290 and will be available in July at Sunglass Hut. I’m a huge fan of big round sunglasses so I love both versions. So AMAZING right?

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  1. I love both so much…ah, I don't know which pair to lost for but I need to try on the runway ones and possibly just dive in and get them.

  2. oh if only if only I could afford the runway pair!! Maybe they'll come out with knockoffs like they did for those Alexander Wang pointy shades?

  3. ridiculous glasses but I like you lips :)

  4. forget the sunglasses, i love the lipgloss you are wearing! What brand is it, and colour?

  5. I like the solid colored ones. Those others just look cartoonish.

  6. i couldn't wear something like these here in the Philippines, unless I want SERIOUS ATTENTION from bystanders LMAO

    but i like the solid color ones, sooo fab :)

  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these sunglasses <3
    They are amazing and unique! The world has never seen anything like this before!

  8. I really like both versions a lot.

  9. LOVE the sunglasses!!! I just saw the "minimal baroque" sunglasses in June's month edition of Vogue (Penelope Cruz on the cover). I really hope that Sunglass Hut sells it :) I fell in love when I saw it!

  10. i love both but I definitely prefer the minimal baroque<33


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