H&M High Summer 2011 Product Preview

Photos courtesy of H&M

Loving all the vibrant colors H&M is releasing for spring/summer, perfect for color blocking and brightening up the outfit. I’m loving the Jil Sander Spring 2011 inspired color plastic bag (pictured), a must have! Definitely going to be picking up some of these products, can’t wait. These products will be available starting April through July, but as always sometimes H&M puts out the products earlier so look out for it!

Also included H&M’s head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson’s favourite pieces for spring.

“I just love this season’s cool 70s style for women,” she says, “with romantic dresses and tops, denim, long skirts and chic shorts.” The casual look is all about a wonderful spring feeling, and is one that works brilliantly with all the added extras. “Accessories are pretty bold,” says Ann-Sofie. For men, shorts are a key piece of the wardrobe for a classic yet fashionable look. “These are teamed with a casual shirt or a vest under a sleeveless jacket for a relaxed look, or dressed up with a white shirt and blazer for work,” she says. “They also look fantastic on women. I like roomy shorts and so I often get mine from the men’s department,” Ann-Sofie adds. Accessories are just as important for men as they are for women, such as espadrilles, sunglasses, weekend bags and belts.


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  1. So much great stuff!!

  2. oh those spring dresses are so cute!

  3. I love so many of these pieces! I definitely have to get my hands on that hooded vest…I can't wait =] thanks for the great post, Wendy!

  4. i like the purple/orange dress with the obi style belt. hopefully it wont look too wrinkled in stores.

  5. OMG Loving the orange dress and the black dress!

  6. Feelin' that hooded vest.

    xo Nicole

  7. and let me guess, they are all part of the TREND line that is only available in major cities. so the rest of us fashionistas that do not happen to live in LA or NYC are screwed……….

  8. @lala, I think you're right. That's always the problem. The beauties are only in the big city's..

  9. I need that kimono dress! Can you please tell me when these should be arriving in stores? Thanks!

  10. when are these styles going to be in stores??

  11. Not too much menswear. I was expecting 2 pages each, then got confused initially by the dress on page 4. XD

    Really like some of these pieces, but I wish they had come out earlier. I understand why they want to keep people coming back by periodically releasing new merchandise, but I've already got my wardrobe for summer bought and planned out by the end of March (I start collecting pieces even back in Feb), so I'm already looking forward to August when the earlier Fall stuff comes out to go shopping again.

  12. Are these in store right now? I really like some items and need to shop holiday pieces, so I'll drop by at H&M tomorrow:)

  13. Great items!!

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