Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings Ballerina

It seems the Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings model has become a franchise of its own with the original JS Wings popular in fashion and among sneaker heads. Recently the wings concept was applied to a white Swatch model and JS Wings is now in version 2.0. The latest iteration is a JS Wings Ballerina shoe so if you are a fan of the Jeremy Scott adidas Originals JS Wings, perhaps these may be up your alley too.

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  1. oooh super cute, i want the white ones!

  2. this will become the next HOODRAT sensation..

  3. omg. wheree are these for sale?!

  4. do you know when these will be available?

  5. LOVE. stop posting things that I adore. I want the pink ones! when are they avail?

  6. love the white ones..
    I already knew the wing sneackers but I'm not a such sneakers fan…this ballet flats are just the perfect kitchy element to add to my wardrobe! Do you know if these are sold online already??

  7. Love – where does one pick up a pair?

  8. I love them all! Very cute!

  9. Way cute. But I'm afraid I'll look 14 if I actually wear them.

  10. love this! but i agree with Melissa…this is more for the fun, younger crowd but cute nonetheless! would love to buy this, but have no idea how to make this look good.

  11. Please tell us where we can purchase them ?????? : )

  12. I am waiting on these in white, ordered them back in December from Luisa Via Roma… Don't really like them in the other colors, though. Too cartoony for me…

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