Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Spring 2011 Sunglasses

How crazy are these Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow spring 2011 sunglasses? I can’t wait to see someone strolling down the streets in these, especially the pair with the hands haha. Cute. via Colette

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  1. wtf? definitely not wearable art

  2. those hand sunglasses are amazing! if i could style any photoshoot in the world, i would definitely use those for a shot

  3. ok these ppl come up with these stupid ideas and make money? i have stupid ideas everyday and no one pays me

  4. see thats the difference between you and js your broke and he is not so dont speak … if you dont let shxt dont waste time hating …. loser thats why you don't make money… your to busy procrastinating and hating …

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