nitro:licious x Botkier Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Botkier may have already given Twitter fans a clue that we are working on something special, yup we have teamed up on a Valentine’s Day giveaway! Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, what a perfect way to celebrate than to giveaway a red ladylike bag, Charlotte Satchel. I love the structured shape, the color and that you can wear this bag two ways. One lucky winner will be receiving this as their Valentine’s Day gift from us!

How to enter the giveaway:
The Botkier Charlotte Satchel in lipstick red is the perfect companion for a romantic rendez-vous, leave a comment in this post sharing with us your favorite date spot in your ‘hood to enter to win!
~ Make sure your email address is correct so I can contact you if you win! [You do not need to publish your email address in the comment section, just where it asks for email.]

One (1) lucky winner will be chosen at random from the entries/comments in this post to receive a the Botkier Charlotte Satchel in red lambskin. Good luck! Sponsored by Botkier.

Giveaway Starts: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 – Now
Giveaway Ends: Sunday, February 13, 2011 – 11:59pm EST
*Winner will be announced here on Monday, February 14, 2011 Valentine’s Day!

UPDATE 02.14.2011: A winner has been randomly chose, check here to see if you won!

Note: The giveaway is for the red lambskin, just wanted to show how it looks as a shoulder bag.



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466 thoughts on “nitro:licious x Botkier Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. My favorite date spot is a coffee shop that's just down the street. I find it's easier to talk to someone over coffee rather than a full on dinner, not to mention, it's easier to escape if the date goes bad!

  2. There's this cute, hipster-ish place in Montreal's Mile End called Le Dépanneur Café where everything is homemade, the food and drinks are delicious, and there's always people playing acoustic music, all day long. (Musicians can actually audition to play there.) All the tables, chairs and couches are vintage, and the brick walls make the place so warm and cozy. It's always quiet but friendly. Plus, where can you get the best coffee ever for 2$ these days?! It's the perfect spot to chat, and if the date doesn't go well, you probably can find a new date there, everybody, including the staff, looks good! 😉 I am in LOVE with Le Dépanneur Café!

  3. i feel like the colour is more of a heat wave orange in that pic! My fave date spot is at Opera Bar where underneath the Sydney Opera House, with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

  4. My favorite date spot would be a sushi resturant in Washington DC called Sei. This is a great spot to eat. The guys love it, the menu is not too complex. Each dish is enticing and interesting. The drinks are so good, you have to try at least two. Everything is very chi chi and trendy. The lighting is perfect, the music is nice, and its a great place to take pictures. Also a great place for celebrations and birthday gatherings. This is now the go to place for my boyfriend and I. Thanks

  5. My favorite date spot would be at Oasis a jacuzzi spot in Ann Arbor. With a indoor jacuzzi room filled with valentine's balloons, chocolates, strawberries, heart shaped rose petals..the works!! Oh and let's not forget the WINE!

  6. My favorite date spot is the super old one screen theater near my house. What's better than snuggling up on vintage red velvet seats for an old black & white and some popcorn?

  7. Fab colour for the colur blocking trend! Aah my favourite date spot is in Notting Hill London – Toms, a little cafe thats always bustling and has the best food! Plus it's not uncomfortable and you can pop over to the Lonsdale bar for a drink which is super secluded and chic. Favourite place ever!

  8. My favourite dating spot varies depending on the country I'm in (I travel a lot), but wherever I am, I will always look for small, private coffee shop with candle light and something along the lines of Leonard Cohen or Regina Spektor playing in the background, and the long alley with trees growing on each side of it. There are places like this everywhere, and everywhere they feel just as magical.

  9. This bag os gourgeous, the colour is fabulous!! And I loved the look you choose, with stripes and light denin. Very nice!

  10. My favorite date spot is a wooden bench in a part of the forest near the river with a wooden desk to put some fresh baked bread and a good red wine on it with some beautiful napkins 😉

  11. My boy recently took me on the Staten Island ferry at night time with a bottle of wine, it was free and a great view of the city we live so secluded in.

  12. academy of sciences nightlife thursdays where they serve drinks at the museum and have a dj playing. learn about the world and your date in a casual atmosphere 🙂

  13. My favorite date spot in Boston has got to be L'Espalier, which is right in the heart of the city. Amazing French food [one of my favorites!] and a really great laid back atmosphere with a hint of sophistication. My boyfriend took me there for one of our first Valentine's Day dates!


  15. my favorite date spot would be night of the crookers in downtown brooklyn .. its a nice chill spot ..great for a cozy valentine date

  16. Basically, place not that important as long as my boyfie & I got great mood. But talking about the best date spot, it is my own garden. we can sit under the patio, and eat instant hot noodles soup, drink hot tea, and share laughter. as simple as that 🙂

    *crossing finger on that charlotte satchel baby*

  17. My favorite date spot is right in my own house – if you know what I mean (wink wink). Best drinks and appetizers and romantic privacy. By the way love the red bag. Red is a Hot Hot Hot color for spring and Botkier leathers enhance the color.

  18. The absolute best place in town is an amazing restaurant named "Maddux Station". It's very cool and hip, and it has the best food ever. It's the place to be and be seen in my very small, rural town. Miss Charlotte would absolutely love it there! 🙂

  19. I live in Greece and once of the best places I've been on a romantic date was a cafe located at the top floor of an old cinema building with a stunning view on the city's main ancient square and the sea… Oh, and need I add that when we first went there on a date it just happened that an open-air fashion show by local designers was organized right below our terrace – fun for me and some quite time for my bf, lol:)))

  20. at local restaurant SOCIAL HOUSE,
    go there at night, find seat in veranda, star gazing with my bf,
    order nice meal plus a glass of wine. perfect!

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