nitro:licious x Botkier Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Botkier may have already given Twitter fans a clue that we are working on something special, yup we have teamed up on a Valentine’s Day giveaway! Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, what a perfect way to celebrate than to giveaway a red ladylike bag, Charlotte Satchel. I love the structured shape, the color and that you can wear this bag two ways. One lucky winner will be receiving this as their Valentine’s Day gift from us!

How to enter the giveaway:
The Botkier Charlotte Satchel in lipstick red is the perfect companion for a romantic rendez-vous, leave a comment in this post sharing with us your favorite date spot in your ‘hood to enter to win!
~ Make sure your email address is correct so I can contact you if you win! [You do not need to publish your email address in the comment section, just where it asks for email.]

One (1) lucky winner will be chosen at random from the entries/comments in this post to receive a the Botkier Charlotte Satchel in red lambskin. Good luck! Sponsored by Botkier.

Giveaway Starts: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 – Now
Giveaway Ends: Sunday, February 13, 2011 – 11:59pm EST
*Winner will be announced here on Monday, February 14, 2011 Valentine’s Day!

UPDATE 02.14.2011: A winner has been randomly chose, check here to see if you won!

Note: The giveaway is for the red lambskin, just wanted to show how it looks as a shoulder bag.



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466 thoughts on “nitro:licious x Botkier Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. My favorite date spot is a coffee shop that's just down the street. I find it's easier to talk to someone over coffee rather than a full on dinner, not to mention, it's easier to escape if the date goes bad!

  2. There's this cute, hipster-ish place in Montreal's Mile End called Le Dépanneur Café where everything is homemade, the food and drinks are delicious, and there's always people playing acoustic music, all day long. (Musicians can actually audition to play there.) All the tables, chairs and couches are vintage, and the brick walls make the place so warm and cozy. It's always quiet but friendly. Plus, where can you get the best coffee ever for 2$ these days?! It's the perfect spot to chat, and if the date doesn't go well, you probably can find a new date there, everybody, including the staff, looks good! 😉 I am in LOVE with Le Dépanneur Café!

  3. i feel like the colour is more of a heat wave orange in that pic! My fave date spot is at Opera Bar where underneath the Sydney Opera House, with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

  4. My favorite date spot would be a sushi resturant in Washington DC called Sei. This is a great spot to eat. The guys love it, the menu is not too complex. Each dish is enticing and interesting. The drinks are so good, you have to try at least two. Everything is very chi chi and trendy. The lighting is perfect, the music is nice, and its a great place to take pictures. Also a great place for celebrations and birthday gatherings. This is now the go to place for my boyfriend and I. Thanks

  5. My favorite date spot would be at Oasis a jacuzzi spot in Ann Arbor. With a indoor jacuzzi room filled with valentine's balloons, chocolates, strawberries, heart shaped rose petals..the works!! Oh and let's not forget the WINE!

  6. My favorite date spot is the super old one screen theater near my house. What's better than snuggling up on vintage red velvet seats for an old black & white and some popcorn?

  7. Fab colour for the colur blocking trend! Aah my favourite date spot is in Notting Hill London – Toms, a little cafe thats always bustling and has the best food! Plus it's not uncomfortable and you can pop over to the Lonsdale bar for a drink which is super secluded and chic. Favourite place ever!

  8. My favourite dating spot varies depending on the country I'm in (I travel a lot), but wherever I am, I will always look for small, private coffee shop with candle light and something along the lines of Leonard Cohen or Regina Spektor playing in the background, and the long alley with trees growing on each side of it. There are places like this everywhere, and everywhere they feel just as magical.

  9. This bag os gourgeous, the colour is fabulous!! And I loved the look you choose, with stripes and light denin. Very nice!

  10. My favorite date spot is a wooden bench in a part of the forest near the river with a wooden desk to put some fresh baked bread and a good red wine on it with some beautiful napkins 😉

  11. My boy recently took me on the Staten Island ferry at night time with a bottle of wine, it was free and a great view of the city we live so secluded in.

  12. academy of sciences nightlife thursdays where they serve drinks at the museum and have a dj playing. learn about the world and your date in a casual atmosphere 🙂

  13. My favorite date spot in Boston has got to be L'Espalier, which is right in the heart of the city. Amazing French food [one of my favorites!] and a really great laid back atmosphere with a hint of sophistication. My boyfriend took me there for one of our first Valentine's Day dates!


  15. my favorite date spot would be night of the crookers in downtown brooklyn .. its a nice chill spot ..great for a cozy valentine date

  16. Basically, place not that important as long as my boyfie & I got great mood. But talking about the best date spot, it is my own garden. we can sit under the patio, and eat instant hot noodles soup, drink hot tea, and share laughter. as simple as that 🙂

    *crossing finger on that charlotte satchel baby*

  17. My favorite date spot is right in my own house – if you know what I mean (wink wink). Best drinks and appetizers and romantic privacy. By the way love the red bag. Red is a Hot Hot Hot color for spring and Botkier leathers enhance the color.

  18. The absolute best place in town is an amazing restaurant named "Maddux Station". It's very cool and hip, and it has the best food ever. It's the place to be and be seen in my very small, rural town. Miss Charlotte would absolutely love it there! 🙂

  19. I live in Greece and once of the best places I've been on a romantic date was a cafe located at the top floor of an old cinema building with a stunning view on the city's main ancient square and the sea… Oh, and need I add that when we first went there on a date it just happened that an open-air fashion show by local designers was organized right below our terrace – fun for me and some quite time for my bf, lol:)))

  20. at local restaurant SOCIAL HOUSE,
    go there at night, find seat in veranda, star gazing with my bf,
    order nice meal plus a glass of wine. perfect!

  21. The spot by the fireplace at the DOC wine bar in Chicago. Great wine, beautiful setting and if its a terrible date you can drown your sorrows in with a freshly baked cookie in a cast iron skillet!

  22. Hi, Wendy 🙂 My favorite date spot is an elevator in one of my favorite shopping malls in Russia. Right there I've met my future husband ) I can't imagine a place more romantic and beautiful for us )

  23. Hi there! One of my favorite spots is Le Bouchon du Grove, a quaint French restaurant in Coconut Grove, FL. If you're ever in Miami, must go place! Hope to win this delish red bag. Thanks for the offer 🙂

  24. Underneath the oak tree in my front yard. My boyfriend and I set up a blanket, picnic basket, and enjoy the beautiful LA weather, which it usually is on Valentine’s Day!

  25. My favorite date spot in my "hood" is a tapas place called Crave. Its so intimate and the food is sublime! Its dimly lit, indulgently decorated atmosphere is the perfect place to cozy up to a date. Add this beautiful red Charlotte Satchel to the mix and it'd be a date night he'd never forget! 😉

  26. 🙂 favorite spot in vancouver is steveson's port in richmond – great view of the waters and so many good restaurant for seafood, fish and chips and yum drinks!

  27. My fave spot is Lake Geneva, WI. We spend the entire day there swimming in the beach, biking and window shopping, eating fudge and ice cream, taking a boat tour to see historic mansions and capping the night with sunset dinner by the lake and stargazing.

    Love that stunning lipstick red on the Botkier Charlotte Satchel!

  28. Hi there! One of my favorite spots is Le Bouchon du Grove. If you're ever in Miami and in the mood for a quaint French place, must go! Hope to win this delish bag! Thanks for the offer 🙂

  29. i love the bag and the option to wear it as a satchel or shoulder bag is great.

    my favorite date spot is "FUSHIMI" located in bay ridge brooklyn..only a few blocks away, great sushi and im never disappointed. the atmosphere is beautiful, it makes you feel like your on vacation and the some of the booths are private which make it perfect for some romance 🙂

  30. Most romantic date spot – top of the Empire State Building at dusk – with hot chocolate in hand, looking out at all of the great NYC.

  31. My favorite date spot is a shabu shabu restaurant in montreal, the sauces are delicious, good ambiance with traditionnal decorations.

  32. I love chocolate, and I love dates, so whats better than a little visit to Max Brenner, the chocolate man?! Take care of dessert at the restaurant 😉

  33. awesome bag!! love it!
    My favorite date spot is my favorite French bakery called Patrick's Bakery. They have the most delicious pastries and the atmosphere reminds me of home 🙂

  34. I live in Brazil! In a city called Salvador. We have here the most beautiful sunset in the world, in a beach called "Porto da Barra". I think this is my favorite date spot! Loveee!

  35. My favorite date spot is in Williambsurg., Brooklyn..the bar in the back of the Korean BBQ place, Dokebi.
    There is an entrance to the bar alone on North 1st.
    It is cozy and warm and has red tones to the decor. The drinks are delicous and the barmen very attentive. Because there is no sign on the bar entrance, it always feels like a cool, intimate speakeasy.

  36. My favorite date spot has to any of the cliff sites in San Diego. Known for our beaches, I think the cliffs that overlook the ocean is the perfect date spot. You can bring a blanket and have a picnic while you watch the sunset!

  37. I would take the The Botkier Charlotte Satchel in lipstick red to the perfect date spot, walking down the Santa Monica pier!

  38. My fav spot for a date is at Toronto's Humber Arboretum. You and your date can stroll through lush gardens, and spot wild straberries growing in the spring time and be amazed at the beautiful colours of the tress in the Fall. Stop by at one of the ponds near the meadows where you and your date can spot turtles and fish swimming. This place is also a great picnic spot, sit under a tree or at a bench, you can find some private areas and feel like you and your date are the only ones there.

    The best thing about the arboretum is that it looks different every season and you can take in nature with someone special right in the city. My boyfriend of seven years took me here on our first date. We try to go to our favourite spot any time we can.

  39. Favorite date spot is a intimate restaurant called Il Capriccio on Vermont.
    found this little place with my husband while walking around on our one year anniversary 2010. its such a nice friendly environment. We always see Malin Akerman sipping wine with the owners there.

  40. My ultimate date spot that my bf and I always go to is Magic Lamp Lebanese Mediterranean Grill in LB, CA! We had our first date there and we always come back on our anniversary, we just celebrated our 3 years last month =) Of course we don't just come back because of the significance it holds but the food is die for: falafels, fresh outta thee oven pita bread (bottomless as well), hummus, garlic fries with feta cheese sprinkled on top, kabobs, kafta, filet Mignon. The decor is absolutely gorgeous, kinda feels like you're in the movie Aladdin haha but they have comfy lil booths or couches so you can sit close to your loved one <3

  41. My favourite spot for a date is the mall, you can go and watch a movie while cuddling up together, and then have dinner at the chinese buffet, followed by a moonlit walk home <3

    thank you !

  42. My favourite spot for a date is the mall, you can go and watch a movie while cuddling up together, and then have dinner at the chinese buffet, followed by a moonlit walk home <3

    thank you !

  43. My favorite date spot with my boyfriend is this little authentic Italian pizza shop down the street from our apartment. We can walk there, get a healthy pizza with fresh mozzarella, some cold beers and just enjoy each others company. Its not extravagant, but after being together for 5 years, its nice to be together in a quiet place with a great atmosphere.

  44. I don't have a favorite date spot. I love trying out new places. I haven't quite found the perfect quiet coffee/desert place yet. I'm from Montreal so can't say there is a shortage of cool hang out places.

  45. My favorite spot for a date would be … anywhere as long as I'm with my love. But I especially like to wander around in IKEA and eat cheap icecream!

    PS. I had a feeling that I typed the wrong email on the previous comment, but this one is correct!

  46. Love this bag!!! The perfect spot for Valentines day is this little restaurant, roof top under the stars, with a view of the Acropolis. Great food, great wine and my wonderful boyfriend.

  47. my favorite date spot is the local cafe with a little balcony just for 2. It's so cozy in there: cushions, candles, fireplace. An ideal spot for a romantic date!

  48. My favorite date spot is late nite at the Cal Academy in San Francisco. They've got cocktails and food along with all the great animal exhibits to see.

  49. My favourite date spot is the CN Tower, one of the world's tallest buildings, in my city of Toronto, Canada. It's so much fun to ride the elevater all the way to the top, then hang out on the glass floor and look out across the city. There's even a great restaurant.

    Canadian girls love nitro:licious and Botkier!

  50. Watching the most stunning sun set in Sedona, Arizona in the red mountains above the airport. It's the best kept secret in that small artist city and only the locals know about it!

  51. favorite date spot in my city would be kakurenbo (in vancouver) for after dinner drinks and snacks, amazing ambiance, too bad they are renovating right now!

  52. I live in the Netherlands, near a river, and the best thing for a date is to make a picknick and take your date to the river and sit down and have a good chat over wine and some snacks on a plaid near the water!

  53. My 'hood is Los Angeles so without being totally overpriced and insanely crowded, the perfect date is something spontaneous and low key. Maybe a trip to the museums on wilshire like LACMA and then a simple sushi dinner. Sounds perfect to me! Now if only I can find a boy to do it with this Valentines Day…

  54. This beautiful and hip bag would be perfect for a day of shopping in downtown Seattle, followed by a walk on the pier, and dinner at my favorite wine bar and cafe!

  55. My favorite date spot is a small little chinese/spanish restaurant here in nyc. We usually go there get some great food. Afterwards get dessert and head home for some cuddling time. :o) pretty much our sunday rountine.

  56. My favorite low key Tai restaurant Lantern followed by a stroll along the promenade. Good food, good conversation, and one of my favorite views of NYC.

  57. my favorite date spot is the Saturday morning market at the SF Ferry Building. My beau and I usually have a delicious brunch there, buy groceries from the local vendors, sip on Blue Bottle Coffee, and people watch by the water.

  58. My favorite place is main street, theres lots of things to see, its usually not too busy and theres a few cute coffee places to sit and chat!

  59. ideal date for me is a movie and a lovely dinner in downtown LA and then some macarons for dessert from Bottega Louie! 🙂

  60. my fav spot is in the back of a tiny restaurant on the old village of my city. It has an inner patio full of candles and christmas lights year round! It's great to chat and have some drinks. Although I usually marvel at it, since it's so beautiful! haha

    Good Luck to everyone <3 + Thanks for the chance at this!

  61. The Salisbury Cafe is the most lovely place with it's tiled walls, mismatched vintage chairs, and candle light for a perfect date meal!

  62. Dockside Bistro in Olympia. From the outside it looks like a random restaurant along the marina, but the place has the most romantic ambiance of any place I have ever been and amazing food. And it affords a great stroll along the water afterwards 🙂

  63. I’m from new york, so when i first came out to Pittsburgh to school I was incredibly disappointed by what I deemed as such a lusterless hard place in comparison. Even wearing lipstick and wedges would get you glared at, and life seemed to pass by in hordes of dreary grey + sweatpants.

    Then a boy invited me to a gallery crawl downtown in the cultural district. I was apprehensive at first, but I’m so glad I went it was the most amazing time. I had divine truffle brownies from the cooking school and although it was clear the city was going through hard times there was art everywhere. There was this one gallery just full of speakers blasting the Ramones and we stayed there dancing before curling up in the corner of this little coffee shop. Definitely my favorite date spot in the city

  64. My dating spot would be Red Lobster at Times Square, New York. There's a few spots I like in New York for dinner but this place is tasty for cheap! Also I love walking around Times Square after dinner for sightseeing and photos!

  65. Hello, just discovered your site, thanky for some rare find photos! Now sure if overseas contestants are welcome, but why not try..have been looking for a RED leather bag for a while that I could take out dancing!! juhuu xxx

  66. My favourite date spot – my local AMC cinema on a weekend for a mid-morning show – its quiet, its a short walk from home and is an awesome oppoprtunity to snuggle over a good movie and yummy popcorn.

  67. That color is radiating with sex appeal!
    As for my favorite date spot ….it's definitely got to be The Costello Plan in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. With a nice stroll through the victorian neighborhood with a bottle of champagne.

  68. One of my favorite date spots is The Snug in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. It's a great bar to go on a date when you are meeting them for the first time or just want to keep it casual! The bartenders are super friendly, there are always enough people there to make it comfortable, and it is never too loud that you can't hear the other person. And if the date goes well, there are plenty of cute restaurants down the street that you can get dinner at!

  69. griffith observatory in LA, at dusk, on a weekday–it's not as crowded (insane the weekends), you can see the whole city and watch the sun set, and when it's dark you can use their observatory to look at the stars… romantic and price appropriate for everyone 😉

  70. My favourite dating spot is really at home, with an relaxing bubblebath with my love with candles ++, and then to watch nice movie while lying under the blanket.. Easy, cheap, relaxing and personal! 🙂

  71. i don't have a purse this color red, so would be a great addition to the collection! my favorite date spot is our local sushi restaurant just minutes from our house ^_^

  72. My favorite date spot in LA is any small size concert venue like the Troubadour. It's especially awesome if you guys have the same music tastes! 🙂

  73. So I live in VA now but whenever I go back home (NY) i have to go to this place called "M Noodle Shop" on Metropolitan Ave in BK. the first time I went with my boyfriend AND their food is soo delicious and the place is so cozy with candlelight at night. Oh and try their Ginseng tea yumm..!

  74. My fav date spot is this little bakery called Pure Vanilla, they have amazing cakes and an equally nice terrace…whats not to like 🙂

  75. Considering our last Valentine's dinner was totally weird because of this brilliant idea of us (having dinner with two more couples) that went totally wrong, I treasure every moment i spend with him at our favorite coffee bar.

  76. I would show this bag off everywhere I went! Jaws will drop…. Eyes bulging out in disbelief…….Whispers of jealousy in the wind……Skin turning green with envy…………yup…….I would take it everywhere!

    • My favotite date spot (I forgot to mention) is Don's Lighthouse Inn – Seafood restaurant, great ambience, awesome food – with my honey. It's OUR favorite date spot!

  77. it is nothing more romantic to me than to go to Barns'n'Nobles with my boyfriend to cuddle on the floor with a pile of books and magazines 🙂

  78. My favorite spot was actually with my fiance at home in NYC queens where he proposed to me last year, romantic candlelight dinner cheap wine he made it all worth it..

  79. I like fondue or hotpot places because they're so much more interactive, plus you can constantly eat and constantly talk. Perfect for dates. :]

  80. Because we are only in Chapel Hill for three years each Valentine's Day we like to try on of the best Chapel Hill has to offer. This year its Elaine's on Franklin Street!

  81. My favorite date spot is at an ice skating rink nearby. They have a cute cafe nearby where you can go to after ice skating 🙂

  82. My fave date spot is the boardwalk down by the beaches in Toronto. There's always lots to see and do down there in the warmer months.

  83. There is a quiet little restaurant tucked away in the hills of CT that serves amazing Italian food, plays Sinatra, and I love it there.

  84. my favorite date spot is Ici's ice cream in Berkeley, CA! They make the best ice cream in a variety of crazy flavors that changes daily…and their made-from-scratch cones are TO DIE FOR!

  85. my favourite date spot is in the city of sydney, where everything is within walking distance and we can chat on the walk to the next destination 🙂

  86. I like dinner dates, but I especially LOVE brunch dates. Plus its all the better to actually see your date due to the daylight. So my favorite romantic spot is Good Enough To Eat on the Upper West Side. Chocolate pancakes ftw! =D

  87. This satchel is absolutely adorable and the color is so loud yet sophisticated. A favorite date spot I would sport this bag would be in La Fonda Boriqua. It is this Puerto Rican Lounge in 106th Street by 3rd Ave. It’s a comfy place; it gives off a home like vibe with good food and live music. Very laid back atmosphere. A great place to go with a group of friends or just with one you love to snuggle up next to one another and enjoy the food, music and most of all each others company.

  88. In my area of Bayside, my favorite spot is Fort Totten. It's right off the Cross Island Parkway and overlooks the Throgs Neck Bridge. In the summertime, people of all ages visit. I've seen young couples and older couples enjoying a stroll and the view, especially at night. People bring their dogs and kids there to play during the day. It holds a special place in my heart because that's where my boyfriend and I fell in love.

  89. This color is fantastic. I really need to break out of my black bag habit. A favorite date spot of mine would have to be Grape and Grain on the LES for its exposed brick, plush pillow seating and flattering dimmed lighting.

  90. My favorite date spot in NYC is Room Service. This Thai restaurant always serve great food at a timely manner. The prices are great and the decor is too cute. Some of the chairs are made of purple hotel doors and they use to have a clear ball swing

  91. Originally from Philadelphia, my favorite date spot there is Stephen Starr’s Continental Mid-town restaurant on Chestnut St. Such sick decor and the bar has all of my favorites. Currently living in Boulder, CO.. my favorite date spot here is The Med hands down. Awesome medeterranian restaurant with everything from hummus to lamb to thin crust pizzas. Sushi from Hapa on Pearl St. is also good for take-out 🙂

  92. a great date spot in vancouver would be around the Kitsilano area . a lot of coffee shops & restaurants and it is close by the beach 😀

  93. There's a long stretch of road in my neighborhood filled with artsy cafes, mini-museums and every resto imaginable. The food and drinks are amazing- My bf and I can have central American one day, burgers the next and Italian on the third. This place has witnessed a lot of our romance. <3

  94. Sweet color 🙂 It's not in my current 'hood', but there's a pretty sweet bar I know in TO called 'Rasputin' that's always fun.

  95. Hi! This will be my first valentines with my bf! There's a small french restaurant we like to go for duck confit (Reno, I know) or just staying in enjoying a home cooked meal. I bought him a red dutch oven and a Bourdain book to go along with it! Hopefully something wonderful to happen~

  96. My favorite date spot would be renting a vintage merc convertible, drive along the magnificent Amalfi Coast, stop by for lunch at a taverna, then after a glass of prosecco, I'll present this gorgeous bag to my wife who will definitely squeal in delight.

  97. There's a beautiful place here called Bok Tower Gardens. They have lovely plants and a big carillon tower. Nice place to go with my sweetie and walk around.

  98. I live in Montreal and my favorite date spot is Parc la Fontaine. My boyfriend took me there for Valentines last year and we're deciding on making it our Valentines spot. Its a park near where we live and its essentially an ice rink. Except its not your usual round ice rink. The entire lake is frozen so you don't just skate in a circle, but you get to go around trees and bushes and its beautiful in the winter, especially with the amount of snow.
    I love your giveaways, Wendy! Thanks for always being so generous with your readers!

  99. hmm my fav "hood spot" for a date would be this great restaurant uptown called Garden Cafe, it has like this hidden backyard with tables and lights n its super pretty. jewel in the middle of a crowded city..

  100. In San Francisco, my favorite date spot would be Twin Peaks. Even though it can get ridiculously cold, the breathtaking view of the city is just absolutely amazing.

  101. Lovely bag!

    My favorite date spot in Chicago is Hot Chocolate. And as you can tell from the name of the restaurant, they're famous for having the most decadent hot chocolate with housemade marshmallows! Yum.


  102. My favorite date spot would be in the living room with my special someone while we watch Ocean's 11 and 13 with popcorn, candy, and soda.

    Just the two of us in the most comfortable place on earth.

  103. My favorite date spot is only five minutes away from my house. It's a little family-owned Italian restaurant called Villa Barone that provides such a romantic yet comfortable setting. Their mussels in white wine sauce are to die for!

  104. I'd love to rock rock this bag in my bike basket as we cycle to our favorite date spot: a fab Mexican fusion bistro a few blocks from my house in Tempe AZ. The luscious red color would compliment my tasty margarita.

  105. My fave date spot would definitely be the Singapore Flyer. Get on at dusk and watch the sun go down and the city skyline light up. It's 30 minutes of good solid conversation with no distractions but the view.

  106. My favourite date spot is 'Theather het Hof' (The Garden Theatre), it's the smallest and most cosy theater of my town (Arnhem, Netherlands).

  107. I'm in Columbia, Missouri and my favorite date spot is Yogoluv. It's the closest thing we have to Pinkberry and 16 Handles. Yogoluv is cute and modern with little circle seats sure to keep two lovebirds close. i'd love to go for yogurt after dinner, or just for a quick date. Since the yogurt is self serve, it makes the date a little more fun.

  108. My favourite date spot would be a walk by the sea aroud the peninsula I live on. The views of the mountains are spectacular!

  109. I guess my favorite date spot in my hood would be habana outpost during the summer time. I love the outside sitting area at night.

  110. My favorite date spot has become this cute cottage type spa and relaxation clinic. They have well trained masseuse and the price is super reasonable. I recently did a couples massage and really enjoyed myself. It was simple but amazing.

  111. The best date spot in my 'burb would have to be this fun restaurant themed after New Orleans. The mood is set with the dark, red lighting and yummy Cajun-inspired food. A hot night indeed!

  112. My hub and I have lots of fun enjoying the delicious food at Seersucker in Carroll Gardens, and I'll have even more fun admiring my gorgeous new Charlotte Satchel !

  113. My favorite date spot this year just has to be in rural China, where I am currently living for a year. There (quite randomly, I suppose) is a roller skating rink in a small college town outside of the local university where young people hold hands and clutch each other for balance, or chase each other around in circles of newfound love!

  114. My favorite date spot is on the sunny balcony of my appartment in the middle of Amsterdam, drinking wines, enjoying nice food and watching the sky turn into beautiful colours.

  115. Cute color! My favorite Vday date spot is at the Scandinave Spa in Mont-Tremblant. It's a cool experience outside in the nature especially during the winter surrounded by snow.

  116. My all-time favorite romantic restaurant is right away the corner from my apartment called, Jalapeno's. The restaurant was just recently renovated and its even better than before. My boyfriend took me their on our first date and we have been together happily ever since and it's been almost 7 years!! This gorgeous bag would be an amazing addition to my handbag collection and i'd love to rock it out at Jalapeno's next time we go. Thanks for the consideration and I absolutely LOVE your blog! I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day =) Kind Regards, Kayla

  117. gorgeous bag! my special spot for valentines this year is none other than my little garden. since my boyfriend isn't quite a romantic, i'll need to make up for it. so expect a candlelit dinner under the stars courtesy of girlfriend 🙂

  118. I live near the Los Angeles area, making my favorite date spot the Griffith Observatory. It sits on top of Mount Hollywood overlooking all of L.A. and to the left the iconic Hollywood sign. At night you can see the city lights, not to mention the stars through their telescopes. It's a very romantic place and is where my boyfriend and I shared our first date!

  119. My favorite spot would be the park by our house, take the dog with us and have a nice leasurely walk. Roosevelt park is what its called.

  120. My favorite date place is a lil restaurant called Storie Street Grill. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is definitely ideal for a date. I'd love to carry the Charlotte satchel there on my next date to really spiff up my look!

  121. my favorite date spot is "a Carpet picnic in our living room in front of the fireplace, with our favorite bottle of wine, or champagne, and some fresh ripe strawberries, watching our favorite movie, not to mention with only the right amount of clothing on our sheepskin rug" this is our first anniversary doover and I'll always cherish it!

  122. I live in Vancouver, Canada. My favourite date spot has got to be Granville Island. During the day, it would be the perfect spot to stroll through the markets. During night time, there are comedy clubs and beautiful restaurants with rooftop dining and waterfront views. If you're lucky, you could even catch some fireworks here in the summer time.

  123. My favorite place for a date is New Orleans. My boyfriend and visited after dating for a few months, and we immediately fell in love with the place. Now we make a point to make a romantic visit every two years.

  124. Wow it has been so long since you have done a giveway. Awesome…But i love the bag it would go with my outfit for Monday the 14th. My fav date spot is my bf’s living room. He always lays out a blanket and he serves food. My fav place to be confortable and relaxing.

  125. Our fave date spot is the Bodhi Tree in NYC which has top notch Thai food for vegetarians like my gf and carnivores like me. Afterwards, we like to take a long walk home so we can talk before I drop her off. I'd love to present her with the Charlotte on her stoop before I kiss her goodnight.

  126. We have three kids so it's hard to get out, but when we do, my wife and I love living it up at the local Japanese restaurant Daruma in Englewood, NJ, for some delicious sushi. I also like the BYOB policy. The ambiance is perfect for catching up on "us" time, and afterwards we'd catch a flick at the local cinema.

  127. The most romantic place for me is this tiny wine bar in Center City called Tria…then with tummies full of dessert and wine, a perfect end to the evening would be a horse drawn carraige ride down the cobble stone streets of Olde City Philadelphia, (with blanket in tow of course)!

  128. My fave spot in Toronto is Port Credit. It's perfect to walk around and visit the cute shops in the summer and go skating on the lake in the winter. Love it!

  129. My favorite date spot is a place called "Peaches Hot House" in Bedstuy Brooklyn! It has a warm, cozy down home ambiance with good down home cookin and great service! At Peaches you can order their famous hot fried chicken, red roasted potatoes and cream corn. To finish things off I usually share a slice of warm bourbon pound cake with vanilla ice cream with my bf 🙂

  130. My favorite date spot is in Montreal Old-Port!!! there's so much to do there, have nice romantic daytime or evening strolls near the quay, and lots and lots of dessert shops!!

  131. My favorite date spot has to be anywhere in the city with my bf anywhere with him is romantics! gorgoues bag and even more gorgeous color!!!!

  132. I love a little restaurant where I live called Bresca. It only has 5 or 6 tables and from them you can see how the chef is cooking your meal. And it's absolutely delicious!!!

  133. My favorite date spot is La Madeline in Tysons Corner, VA. I know it's kinda weird. It's just a simple chain cafe with cheap fast french food. But it's very comfortable. My boyfriend and I go there all the time and talk over coffee and desserts for hours.

  134. An absolute favorite date spot of mine would have to be the Manhattan Beach Pier at sunset. There is nothing more romantic than seeing the array of colors in a sunset while walking along the beach with a jacket I just borrowed from my hunny because I dressed for fashion, not warmth!

  135. The spot by the fireplace at the DOC wine bar in Chicago. Great wine, nice bartenders, and if you're date goes poorly at least you can order a cookie baked in a cast iron skillet with ice cream!

  136. HOT! I love it.
    My favorite date spot would be a restaurant called At Last. And then taking the aqua bus to the queen mary for drinks at the art deco observation bar.

  137. Brunch at Bottega Louie (SOOOO GOOD) then a romantic date at the Getty Villa… its one of the most beautiful outdoor museums!

  138. My favorite date spot is anywhere the BF is, but we both love this little Italian restaurant called La Dolce Vita in Birmingham. That bag is completely and utterly amazing!

  139. there's this little place here (in the philippines) called banapple. it seats not more than 20. it's very intimate. they have very good food and even better desserts. my favorite is their dark chocolate tiramisu cheesecake. then after dinner we walk at this place inside my uni called lover's lane. it's called that for a reason. it's really beautiful there especially at night time. <33

  140. this color is so beautiful and perfect for valentine's day! the best date spot would definitely be the beach kayaking at la jolla shores in sunny san diego!

  141. One of my best dates/date spots was at Grant Park here in Atlanta, GA. Me and my boyfriend (still with him, it'll be 3 years on V-Day!) decided to have a picnic near the pond, taking in all the calmness of nature, while enjoying each others company. Little did we know that one of the ducks in the pond was crazy with parasites or something, because it chased us! We still had a wonderful time and got exercise too.

  142. Strolling the boardwalk at Hollywood Beach (Florida). Warm, breezy, right next to the sand and ocean and full of tiny restaurants to grab a quick bite.

  143. My favorite date spot is this restaurant called Baraonda right down the street from the FOX Theatre in Atlanta. Hubs took me last year after seeing Alvin Ailey. Great wine and the food was the delish! One the best Valentine's Days I've ever had.

  144. My favorite date spot is dinner @ Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino, CA. The ambiance is really nice and low-lit for a fabulous mood! This is the best place for real Kobe beef, and they always give the lady a complimentary, homemade cotton candy!

  145. My fav date spot in my hood would be a Taiwanese shaved ice place called Cloud 9. They have scrabble amongst other games there. It's a very nice chill spot where my bf and I can just hang out and eat yummy dessert at the same time! 🙂

  146. Favorite date spot: In N Out! I can't lie, I love that it's good cheap food with a very chill, comfortable and friendly environment so you there's no pressure to overly impress the other.

    Bag is muy cute by the way! Great size and shape!

  147. My favorite date spot, is the Orange Hill Restaurant in Orange, CA. A very romantic for any couple to enjoy a nice drink while watching the sun goes down. A very sweet spot to hold each other hands and share the first kiss together.

  148. My favorite date spot, is the Orange Hill Restaurant in Orange, CA. A very romantic for any couple to enjoy a nice drink while watching the sun goes down. A very sweet spot to hold each other hands and share the first kiss together.

  149. The best date spot is the Getty Museum in LA, where entrance is free. You can lay on the grass and enjoy the beautiful sun shines through your face.

  150. Cafe La Cave in Des Plaines, IL is my choice for a romantic spot! the restaurant is set in a cave! This upscale French restaurant has dim lighting,excellent drinks,soft music…the epitome of romantic ambiance. I already have my reservations for V-day <3

  151. My favorite date spot in Baltimore,MD, is a small, quiet place in downtown Harbor East, called Teavolve. They have a relaxing atmosphere and it is the perfect place to go on a date. The food is great, and the service is as well. I recommend anyone who visits, to go there.

  152. My favorite date spot is the pretty hidden but beautiful "turtle hill" of San Francisco. When you climb up the hill, you get a view of the entire city! There's also a small bench on the hill, making the spot feel very intimate and cozy. 🙂

  153. My favourite place would be Clos Maggiore in London’s Covent Garden – a restaurant that is apparently the most romantic place for the UK.. can’t disagree! But if anywhere, I bet any girl would say their boyfriend’s arms would be the best place to be (=

  154. My favorite date spot is this farm-to-table restaurant in Baltimore called Woodberry Kitchen. Amazing food, excellent staff, great atmosphere.

  155. Its a lovely bag <3 The best date for me its in a little restaurant with candle light, yummy dessert and a walk through the city and lots of love 🙂

  156. favorite date spot would be a nice restuarant on the Upper East Side, a shopping spree at Bloomingdales and finish it off with pastries from Venieros on the Lower East Side,<3

  157. My favorite date spot is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It's a treat to walk across the bridge with your significant other in hand! The sights are gorgeous too!

  158. My favorite date spot is an Italian Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Mi called Paesano's…… Very romantic, excellent food and beautiful atmosphere. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Thank you for the giveaway.

  159. my favorite date spot would be Bubby's in Dumbo…great food and view and theres a park that you can go walk by the water and near the bridge…plus lots of dessert shops around as well!!! 🙂

  160. I usually like to dinner date at different restaurants as I like experimenting with different foods of various cultures. Lately I've been liking my local sushi restaurant called Niji here in Toronto.

  161. he Metropolitan Museum of Art is a perfect date spot – $1 donation to get in and a beautiful setting to see some of the greatest art in the world and talk. During the summer you can go on the roof, which has an incredible view of the city, and have a drink. My favorite!

  162. Love the red of this bag. My favorite date spot in ny neighborhood is going to the local beach. I love taking a stroll on our quiet beach with my bf whether it's day or night. Sometimes we find sandbars and it's always cool to go out and play on them surrounded by water.

  163. My favorite date spot would be the local diner. Not glamourous but the food and people are always chipper and delightful. Food portions are always great too!

  164. I'd rock the Charlotte Satchel at my fav date spot Crippens. They have an intimate atmosphere great for getting to know someone not to mention their awesome chocolate infused steak! This Charlotte would be a perfect touch to any outfit I'd wear on my dates!

  165. in los angeles, my absolute favorite date spot is rick bayless' Red O restaurant.
    the venue is impeccable, and straight up BOSSY. the food is delectable, and
    the ambiance is always perfection.

  166. Great giveaway…..I love Botkier!!!!!!
    my favorite spot is a cafe near the sea….not only for a date,24/7…..
    hope that i will go with my Botkier from now on….lol

  167. A local spanish restaurant with my partner wearing said bag. Great colour but would mean buying her an outfit to go with it. Definitely worth it!

  168. Favorite date spot: My office. It overlooks the entire downtown district of beautiful Vancouver in British Columbia, framed by the mountains topped with what seems like sugar frosting. It's cozy, it's private and it is priceless! Most of all, no distractions of surrounding people or interruptions by servers! When the city has its annual fireworks during the summer? In my face and absolutely breath-taking. No one to judge our PDA 🙂

  169. There's a great place by the Brooklyn Bridge called Jacques Torres, they have the most amazing hot chocolate ever! Nothing beats watching the sun set, with your sweetie in one hand and hot chocolate in the other!!

  170. I'm from Saint Petersburg, Russia and currently live in Jersey City, NJ. My favorite date spot here is a local French cafe called Madame Claudes. They have live music, and amazing food plus you can byob. It's always intimate, friendly and romantic. I can't wait to spend my time there with the man i love.

  171. This is soo fab! I could wear this on Valentines day with hubby while watching our favorite local band and dining on a cozy Claude's Le Cafe de Ville Restaurant.

  172. My favourite date would be a glass of chilled white wine at a quiet wine bar in whatever country i am travelling to. There is nothing worse than trying to talk to a date over the babble and noise of a stereo turned up too loud!

  173. My favorite date spot is the Japanese gardens love walking through smelling and looking at the flowers and its just beautiful and a nice home cooked candle lite dinner on the roof top….priceless

  174. New favorite date spot in Atlanta, GA – Cafe Intermezzo: the decor is European and the lights a dimmed so you can have an intimate conversation over some amazing desserts and espresso!

  175. My favorite spot is in Carefree, Arizona. It is The Boulders Resort. The desert property is very romantic and I'd look so great with my red bag sitting by the fireplace, a white wine in hand while resting my hand on my guy's leg, my red polished nails an extra treat.

  176. My favorite spot is a winery near here, you can pick up a good bottle of wine, some great food and sit in the lawn and listen to a concert!

  177. My favorite date spot is a park with benches, flowering trees and Maple trees. When the weather isn't great, there is a cozy cafe nearby.

  178. fave new date spot is spencer's steak and chops because it's not crowded at all so you can enjoy your yummy steak without feeling like you are sharing a table with another diner.

  179. I'd choose Old Spaghetti Factory because I love the warm atmosphere, the vintage decor and their menu! It's within strolling distance of art galleries, a cinema and clubs so options for post-dinner are varied.

  180. The triangle park at the corner of N. Rush and N. State streets in Chicago. Its great for people watching and getting an ice cream cone.

  181. Hmmmm, I would have to say the park nearby. It has a wonderful little trail and it's by the water. I would love to have a picnic over there! 😀

  182. My favorite date spot would be at A16. Just blocks away from my house…and we can stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts afterwards!

  183. Love the bag!!!! My favorite date spot is The Tasting Room in Chicago, they have a fabulous view of the city, great wine & cheese & smores you make at the table with your own grill!

  184. My favorite date spot is the independent theater, Red River Theaters. Right in the middle of downtown, so you can catch a flick and afterward drop in one of the many nearby coffee shops to discuss.

  185. My favorite date spot is X2O on the Hudson River. The food is absolutely divine. Just last night we had the Black Bass cooked ala Plancha Potato & Portobello Hash with Dashi Zucchini Ribbons and Hot & Sour Tea Pot Broth. If any of you are ever in NY, you must go. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely bag!!

  186. My favourite date spot is boyfriend's comfy room.
    I do not have to look after myself and be careful because only my boyfriend will see me.
    Makeup and perfect outfits aren't necessary when I'm in there. <3

    LOVELOVELOVEE the bag!

  187. My favorite is this little family owned Italian restaurant in a couple of towns over. Its so old fashioned..the owner always come to check and see if you like everything and he's so sweet he'll usually bring out extras for you to try! I always have such a wonderful time when I go there!

  188. My favorite date spot is a little place in San Diego called Bird’s Rock. There’s a small, hidden little beach area next to the ocean where we sit and watch the waves. There’s also a neat tidepool near the rocks that we always visit when we’re there. Afterwards, we go to a tiny cafe to enjoy desserts and drinks.

    This bag would be perfect for our date!

  189. I am a fan of nitrolicious and Bag Snob on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 60 friends on facebook. I am a subscriber of Bag Snob and nitrolicious via Email. My favorite dating spot is at the fancy restaurant and walking around in Waikiki which I am from Hawaii.

  190. My favorite date spot is Abruzzi's where my husband always takes me on our anniversary(22'cnd is next!). I love this Red,Red,Red bag!

  191. I love this red bag. I live on the Pacific Coast and there is a nice restaurant named Kyllos that overlooks the ocean. I t has great seafood and is a great place to go for drinks and dinner while watching the waves. The kite festival is held at a wayside right next to it.

  192. In our town a good place for a date is tunks cypress is along the bayou,it is a popular spot for the perfect occasion w lots of seafood or cajun cuisine.

  193. We have an Italian restaurant called Vivace in my town where tables and seating areas are partitioned off by beautiful sheer curtains. It gives the restaurant a modern but ethereal feel. If I win I promise I will take this bag there.

  194. My favorite place to go on Valentine’s day is the Griffith Park Observatory in L.A. Specially at night, the view of the city is beyond amazing and romantic.
    Lovin’ the bag!!!!!!!

  195. Drive in movie theater under the stars in the hubby's old convertible! Nothing like it on a warm summer night in Georgia. 🙂 ~sigh~

  196. My favorite date spot is Ohiopyle- a beautiful natural park in the mountains of PA. We take our dog on the trail,go by the water, and eat at a quaint cafe there. It's so peaceful and relaxing!

  197. There is a cute French bistro called Chapeau just 2 blocks from my place. Great food and wine list in a small intimate atmosphere.

  198. My fav spot is the river side park where we got married. It's always been romantic and now it is more so. I'd love to win your red Botkier Charlotte Satchel, it fits my personality so well!

  199. A short, scenic drive to the mountains & a stroll around the local artisan's shops
    in Boone, NC. This is the perfect date in my area!

  200. my romantic spot would be walking along the marine port hand in hand covered by a very stylish wool blanket under the stars and moon 🙂 corny (i know), but classic. Very hot handbag color for summer

  201. ohhhh! well it would definetelly have to be at a small and cozy cafe, drinking hot chocolate and telling each other funny and embarrasing high school stories hehe

  202. My favorite is a small gourmet restaurant in the area. It's a remodeled Victorian building…keeping it's original vintage Victorian style w/antiques and a huge porch/deck that wraps around & overlooks a lake. Great atmosphere plus they generally have acoustic guitar players/singers playing on weekend nights.

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