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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Photographer: Jason Kibbler

Good news to all my plus size readers, H&M is set to launch Inclusive, a one-off plus size collection for all the ladies that love H&M but can never find their size! The collection consists of 20-pieces, available in UK EU sizes 32-54, featuring party dresses in 50’s styles, skirts, tops, cardigans and lingerie following the same theme. The downside is that it will be sold exclusively through H&M Online in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden and UK in March 2011. Perhaps they’re testing their waters for the plus size market? Do all my plus size ladies love it? We’ll just have to see, check out the collection preview after the jump…

UPDATE 02.01.2011: I got a bit mixed up with the sizing so I thought it was only plus size but the collection is for everyone starting from size US2!

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19 thoughts on “H&M Inclusive Collection

  1. NEED ALL! anyone know prices? and they should seriously test north america before europe as i think north america would respond to the plus size demand more exponentially than europe (where everyone is skinny and pretty).

  2. I believe that the dot patterns are being over used in mainstream stores for this to really take off as genuine style, i could see the floral design becoming a big hit in the usa later in the future..

    The Transparent Layered pink miniskirt that is striped, really is eye-catching, i like that alot..

  3. The faces and legs look way too skinny to be on a "plus size" model, even sizes 8-12. It looks like they used regular models and Photoshop to make the bust and hips bigger. Weird.

  4. In Holland h&m also sells a normal plus size line called BIB for quite a few years now in eu sizes 44 – 54 (us 14-24). This new line caters to all sizes (normal & plus) available.


  6. agreed with Liz, from the first photo i instantly did not think plus size, i just thought tallER! and i agree with Bex that it just looks photoshopped. but i guess with jessica's clarification on plus size models it all makes sense. so even plus size models are on the thinner side. i am not trying to start a debate just stating my opinion.

    its nice that current fashion trends are also catering to plus size 🙂

  7. cool, lol. Wendy now I think you can finally buy some dresses, cause that happens to my cousin, who's also a follower of yours, she trys to fit into small things but just look wrong, I hope to see you rocking one of those awesome dresses, which I'm gonna try to find in a S. LOVE H&M!!!!

  8. i always love how anytime you mention plus size people feel a need to weigh in as to if the models actually look like their definition of plus size, as if the modeling world mirrors the reality of well almost anything…

    anyway, the dresses are cute. i hope that the sizes will be actual true to size and the goods WELL made.

  9. I'm excited to see H&M make well tailored cute dresses in a line for a bigger range of girls both larger and smaller – the F21 plus size efforts have been frankly insulting.

  10. The models are (in order of appearance) size 12-14, 6ft tall, and size 14, 5'10.5" tall. The first model (Robyn) actually hasn't had the bust enlarged, and yes her legs are that long. The second model's hips are wide looking. Just because it's a fashion photo doesn't mean it's false.

    Why do people think that there is only one 'model' body??? BTW, if this is a reblog from Jezebel, it's their reblog from my post at RunwayRevolution.com The rest of the collection now online to look at.

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