H&M Divided ‘Urban Vibes’ Ad Campaign

Photos courtesy of H&M

H&M launched their new Divided ad campaign “Urban Vibes” featuring lots of pieces with prints in jumpsuits, tees, pants and bodycon dresses. Fun, casual photo shoot downtown with friends, I’ve seen some of the pieces in stores already. Check out the rest of the pics after the jump…

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  1. I'm loving only some of the prints. The jumpers will not bode well for a chica with a booty. Nonetheless, I love H&M. I need to mosey on over there asap. thanks for posting!

  2. I didn't see anything that was to die for. I agree with ^^ the jumpsuit wouldn't look as classy on a curvier lady or even a super skinny lady because then the print would swallow them. You have to be just right! lol H&M is always hit or miss to me. I like the middle look in the trio.


  4. I want the red leopard pants.

    xo Nicole

  5. I love the jumpsuits!

  6. Almost modern, yet the style looks like an artistic piece from africa, interesting nevertheless, still its quite sexy..

  7. what are the names of the models?

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