Material Girl by Madonna for Macy’s Lookbook ft Taylor Momsen

Last month I posted a couple of images from the Material Girl by Madonna for Macy’s ad campaign featuring Taylor Momsen and the behind-the-scenes pics from the photo shoot. The official lookbook for the collection has launched and now you can shop the range online at Taylor made a special appearance and performed for all the Material Girls that showed up on August 3rd at Macy’s Herald Square on August 3rd, if you missed out no worries because on September 22nd, Madonna and daughter Lola, will make a special appearance at the same venue.

Will you shop the collection?


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  1. It's all basically what Forever 21 has been selling. Disappointing. :(

  2. have you found out if/when the shoes will be available? i like the boots. unsure if they are part of the collection.

  3. i love that cross ring…i've seen it everywhere

  4. I wonder want the sizes will fit like on….

  5. yeah looks like the stuff brands like tally weijl have been selling for YEARS…

  6. Checked out the collection at the Herald Square Macy's last week…sad to say that it was grossly disappointing. The materials are cheap and construction is all over the place. Prices are decent but why would you waste your money?

  7. The only item that i found to be worth buying, wast he varsity jacket. Everything else looked very cheap. I was hoping they were going to sell the motorcycle jacket in denim and leather. One of the representatives said its coming in the fall.

  8. i love talyor momsen but on macys website they dont have any of this anymore :( xx

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