H&M Summer 2010 Magazine: Lindsey Ellingson & Skye Stracke “The Beach”

Monday, May 17, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I’m back in SF and took the day off again, feeling a bit lazy and tired. So posts will be a bit slow, enjoy this beach photo shoot…that is where I wish I am now!

In the latest H&M Summer 2010 Magazine, models Lindsey Ellingson and Skye Stracke was shot by photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby and styled by Jane How for “The Beach” spread. Wishing I can lie down on the sand with blue skies above me.



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4 thoughts on “H&M Summer 2010 Magazine: Lindsey Ellingson & Skye Stracke “The Beach”

  1. I <3 H&M …. I wish I have a lot of money and can buy every thing I want :) (in my dream ) at least sometime I can find some stuffs from H&M in secondhands :) ….. btw I love your blog such you have a iteresting life … no place to bored …xoxo

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