H&M Fall 2010 Lookbook [First Look]

Photos courtesy of H&M

Spring seems to have just arrived and I’m already thinking of fall, but I think this summer will be long and brutal. I don’t even want to think about the heat and humidity…Seems like Swedish sites always gets the first look at H&M lookbooks, Carolines Mode, posted a few images from H&M’s Fall 2010 lookbook and it already got my attention. Cute stuff, as always! Do you love it?


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  1. these remind me of missoni, especially the second one

  2. Not bad, better than Spring. Want to see men's stuff …

  3. very nice but as always, when you walk into the store, they're gonna look hale bad

  4. As an H&M lover, I have to say, I am not impressed. It does look a little Missoni. These look more like winter pieces than fall. Pics number 1&5 are my faves. I'm not ready for fall stuff yet, so, I'll just enjoy my garden collection anorak for now.

  5. OMG… I need those coats in my life!

  6. Look number 5 is straight from Celine. Nice coat to pick up. I want those sweater pants.

  7. H&m loves Chloe obviously

  8. come on, the collection is amazing. It may look like winter wear, but i would snap them up and keep them aside for next winter. Especially the Camel colored Celine style coat in the last picture, as well as the sheep fur jacket. I would get something with a print too.

  9. I Love the Grey tweed coat. Making room in my closet now

  10. someone tell me if thats a foxytail???!!! i had a bet with a friend after buying mine that it will take half a year-year for h&m to come up with it :D:D

  11. love love love!

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