Sex and the City 2 Movie Poster – SJP Wears Emilio Pucci

The anticipation for Sex and the City 2 builds up every time news, promo posters or trailers releases! The first movie poster was revealed back in December where Sarah Jessica Parker wears a Halston Heritage Dress, and now this new poster features the actress in an Emilio Pucci dress from the Fall/Winter 2009-10 collection. SJP looks FAB in this poster, I like! The movie is slated to hit theaters on May 27, 2010, which poster do you like better?

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  1. Photoshopped to death. This poster is like the movie and characters in it: shallow, fake & self-involved. Very sad actually. Show itself was pretty good.

  2. this poster, I just find the sandals and the sand a bit ridiculous.

  3. all the *bling* to take attention away from that hideous face!

  4. why aren't the other girls in this? it's not ALL about SJP ya know!

    waaaaaay too much glitter btw

  5. the sand fits since they go to the middle east in the movie.

  6. the poster isnt supossed to be realistic people! its supossed to get peoples attention gosh.

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