My ALDO Spring 2010 Collection Picks

Last week I received a package from ALDO with all my favorite shoes from their Spring 2010 collection, there are lots of great styles this season! My picks for are: DILLENBURG, CAUDLE, GEITNER, DELGATTO, KRISTYN, KERBOW, CANELES, CANNISTRARO, ALLENDER, KIMZEY and MIGNOGNA.

The weather was pretty amazing last weekend, it’s finally getting warm and sunny. This season is all about the clogs, last Sunday I wore the DILLENBURG clogs out and they are so cute and comfy since they are a platform wedge. I’m sure I’ll be making good use out of these, they go well with a lot of my clothes. I have yet to wear out all the shoes yet but I’ll post pictures of every shoe once I get around to it. Big thanks to ALDO for the shoes!

Outfit: Rodarte for Target cardigan, H&M dress, H&M opaque tights, Chanel sunglasses, Forever 21 rings and ALDO DILLENBURG clogs.













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  1. Lovin’ the Allenders! And the clogs look great on you!

  2. I needddd “CANELES”!

  3. The DELGATTO shoe is such a ripoff of the Jane Aldridge for Urban Outfitters lace up skimmer

  4. LOVE your outfit…and the shoes NO WORDS! FABULOUSSSSSSSSS!

  5. and who did jane aldridge rip off….TOKYO? the girl has no personal style. everything she wears/does is japanese or something her mom told her to wear.

    -love the clogs.

  6. O M G A H !!!

    I saw CANNISTRARO & my heart jumped! Lurrrvvv! Are they comfy to walk around in all day? I usually have problems w/ the back of shoes being too hard & hurting my feet. :(

    But I also love the clogs you’re wearing. Not usually into clogs, but I like the interpretation of them as wedges.


  7. the allenders remind me of a jimmy choo style. i think i like them the best.

  8. veryyy cute picks!

  9. The Cannistraros actually kind of blew my mind!
    So fab!!

  10. caneles and cannistraro are gorgeous!

  11. love the first picture of you, so pretty! love the outfit and the ALLENDER is amazing, must get that!!

  12. Getting the Kristyn shoe today! You are one lucky chick to get all these free!

  13. The clogs look great. I like how you paired them with Rodarte for Target cardigan. I have the same one!

  14. You have horrid taste in shoes.

  15. Wow soo jealous! these are awesome!

  16. I still don’t know how I feel about the clog trend, but if you can make it work then more power to you. However, I am all for the wedge trend and I love Caneles.

  17. hi i’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a pair of black or white or grey aldo GUERRETTE shoes from f/w season in size 4 or 5…any suggestions..i’m desperate :(

  18. ur so awesome amazing pics i really enjoy ur h&m and aldo posts

  19. They’re all amazing!! lucky girl!!

  20. lucky girl.. these are soo cool!

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