Spanx Higher Power High Rise Briefs

Thursday, March 4, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I’m sure many of you are fans of Spanx, I know I am. Spanx released a new Higher Power High Rise Briefs featuring a high-wasted panty with shaping zones targeting problem areas to slim the tummy and contour the waist. The performance underwear slims the waistline and tummy with a comfortable cotton panty. Spring is around the corner, these are perfect for the tight dresses! Available in a set of 2 at for $62.50.



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2 thoughts on “Spanx Higher Power High Rise Briefs

  1. Hey Divas I need some help, my husband an I just got invited to a white
    party. I have the perfect white dress to wear and ran up to Neimans to pick
    up a pair of spanx power panties in white I only have beige and black. I never go out of the house without my spanx on (I'm just like Janice Dean on Fox News I could be the poster girl for spanx ). Anyway Neimans did not have any in white, I need white, I don't want to cheat and wear beige like my husband suggest. He just doesn't get it at a white party if you wear it must be white.
    Anyone here know where to get some white spanx power panties ?

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