Darkhorse ‘Maria’ Robot Leggings


More leggings news, one of my staples in my wardrobe haha. Darkhorse has a new pair of ‘Maria’ robot leggings inspired by the Fritz Lang, 1920’s sci-fi movie Metropolis. These poly-stretch leggings will be released as part of their Spring 2010 collection, they’re pretty awesome. Can’t wait to get a pair!


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  1. Great to see leggings evolve over time. When they first made their comeback (2005-2006) it was just the cropped capri-length black leggings. Now there’s all kinds of colors & patterns!

  2. metropolis is a really cool movie. i like the leggings.

  3. Now where can I buy these?

  4. how and where can I buy these?

  5. read on the Karmaloop blog that they’ll be selling them soon!

  6. Love the Pink Panther tee also, so playful :)

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