Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami “Cosmic Blossom” Collection

Photos: Louis Vuitton

I was wondering when and if Takashi Murakami will launch another collection with Louis Vuitton, and the answer was revealed on Style Rumor. Meet Cosmic Blossom, the new collection featuring Murakami’s superflat artwork printed on Louis Vuitton pieces. Three vibrant and fun colors of Rose, Bleu and Violet on leather goods, ready-to-wear and accessories. According to the site, for leather goods Louis Vuitton has developed a silkscreen-printed vinyl canvas, whose glossy finish effortlessly makes the transition from city to beach. A convenient holdall in two sizes is joined by the iconic Pochette Accessoires and emblazoned with a heritage Louis Vuitton signature.

The campaign features Daisy Lowe shot in Miami. “Louis Vuitton is an amazingly well made, classic, chic and beautiful brand…I have been a huge fan of Takashi Murakami work for a long time, his work with  Louis Vuitton is so playful and exciting,” says Daisy.

Leather goods pieces in this collection includes a pochette measuring 8.3″ x 5.1″ x 1.6″ priced at US$550 and a tote in two sizes, a PM (19.3″ x 11.4″ x 5.1″) and GM (22.8″ x 13.7″ x 7.1″), US$1240 and US$1480 for the PM and GM respectively.

The collection will be available at Louis Vuitton stores on April 15, 2010. I’ll be checking this collection out when it releases, do you like?







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  1. dn’t like :) too fruity LOL

  2. Wow I love the curves to the pink sunglasses and the gold hoop earrings with the LV “pointy flower/clover” embellishment is so cute!

  3. It’s quite possible this is the ugliest collection I’ve ever seen. I cannot justify spending that kind of money on something that makes me look like I’m in kindergarten. It’s nearly impossible to make this look chic and expensive. In this case, Sanrio for the win.

  4. i really want the white sunglasses with the funky legs on the last page
    <3 totally getting those!

  5. Wow, It just screams Forever 21 all the way! It’s the obnoxious at best and reminded me why i don’t get/love this brand.

  6. LV should never be confused for MARC X MARC. Canal street is laughing all the way to the bank

  7. this is utter lunacy

  8. Love Murakami but this collection? Really…? I felt like Juicy Couture’s more chic than this.

  9. these bags are pretty ugh but I’ll take that towel!!!

  10. what a turn off…

  11. i liked the first collection SO MUCH MORE.. i think this one missed the mark.

  12. hmm, i love the cherry blossom much more, but the towel & colourful scarf are still kawaii! ^_^

  13. The towel, sunglasses and colors used are lovely.

    But simply putting ugly merchandise on a hot model isn’t going to fool savvy women into purchasing your kindergarten style products.

    It all looks too cheap, too juvenile and too high street…but then again, LV hasn’t been great for years.

  14. well,i personally really love this collection!just because you cannot afford don't tell that you don't like it.in person it looks really fresh,cute and summery!for a young lady!!!! :)))

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