UNIQLO Women’s Spring 2010 Collection Look Book


On Monday I posted the UNIQLO Men’s Spring 2010 Collection Look Book and finally here’s the women’s look book, totally slipped my mind to post. UNIQLO is one of my fave spots to shop for basics and staples, love that there’s no logos and everything I get there I can wear over and over. Loving the spring/summer collection, super casual chic looks. I’ll be paying a visit this weekend. More pics after the jump…






More pics on the next page…

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  1. wow I actually like this, wish we had a store on the west coast

  2. Love all the pleated pants and shorts.

  3. loveee the army green jacket, yes i already have a simlar one no i can never have too many

  4. im gonna say what no one else seems to be paying attention to….why does the model look like shes 10?

  5. Does the women’s sizes run small?

  6. I don’t like how the model looks like she is 12!!! I am a woman not a little girl! This completely turns me AWAY from this collection. Designers should better pick their models as their models sell their product. I would not want to wear any of this because it looks like little girl clothing.

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