“Hard” Rihanna featuring Young Jeezy Teaser Video + More Pics


Last week I posted Rihanna’s on location pics from her “Hard” music video shoot rockin’ military themed pieces, here’s more pics plus a sneak peek of the video. MTV has more sexy looks of Rihanna on set and a 30-second teaser of the “Hard” music video featuring Young Jeezy. Definitely interesting outfits…

What’s your thoughts? I can’t wait to see the full video…

More pics and the teaser video after the jump…







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  1. LOVE! I can’t wait to see it. Her & Gaga are runnin shiitttttttttttttt!

  2. for some reason, the first picture reminds me of Bowser from Super Mario Bros lmfao…I can’t wait for the video

  3. I agree with Chase’s Mario comment, I totally see that.

    But what I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IS… Where can I get those Aviator Shades? I must have them!!! Let me know if you know what brand they are, PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!

  4. Those look like the sunglasses Carrie wears in the SATC ad…they look much better on Rihanna.

  5. Wow, this is amazing! I mean I hate her music, but her style is totally awesome!

  6. Rihanna did an alright job, but she could’ve been a lot more original with the video, maybe had more of her own style, less Lady Ga Ga’s style

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