BCBGMAXAZRIA Pony Hair Mendel Wedge Bootie


OMG spotted these super fab BCBGMAXAZRIA Pony Hair Mendel Wedge Bootie on one of my fave bloggers, Sea of Shoes! They are so BAD, I want them…too bad they’re sold out already. They’re $595, not cheap but they’re hot. You can never go wrong with a pair of black wedges, the pony hair is so shiny and love the back piece on the bottom of the wedge. Freaking AMAZING! These also remind me of ice skates, lol. I never really looked at BCBG shoes, but these…need them! I’m sure someone’s gonna knock these off in no time, but I kinda want the real deal. Shall I hunt these down, or pass on them?

More still pics after the jump…



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  1. haha, i too just saw these on SOS. I tried them on, and love it!!1 They were slightly tricky to walk in. Though I LOVED them i couldnt justify spending the $595 @ BCBG. I’m still conceding…. you should check out bcbg on 40th/5th ave. I remember of the sales rep telling me it was a slow seller at that location.

  2. I want these too, just wouldn’t pay retail for them since they are from BCBG. Baddest shoes they’ve came out with.

  3. i love these. i was so surprised to see that they were from BCBG… one of the first shoes i actually would wear from them. get them! i would but i already went prada crazy at barney’s… 40% off, couldnt say no

  4. I got them for 50% off at BCBG Chicago location. You could probably call them! :)

  5. I seen these on one of my favorite bloggers as well, fashiontoast.com and feel in love with them as well! I’m dying to get one of these babies! ;)

  6. Just called my friend up at BCBG on Robertson, they have the shoe five pairs left. Total comes out to $297.50

  7. I was in LA over the weekend and I tried these boots in BCBG store at Rodeo Drive. They were in sale for 220$ !!!!!

  8. love these pony hair wedges! i did a thread on them on my blog.
    check it out.

  9. They remind me of the Ashish for Topshop wedges. I bought a similar-looking pair at Asos for much less, although the BCBG pair is gorgeous.

  10. I got these yesterday in New Jersey Garden State Mall for $208.00.
    ON SALE!!!
    Go get em

  11. I just saw them this weekend at a BCBG outlet in Jeffersonville Ohio for less then $200

  12. I know it's kinda late but I'm dying to own a pair! I'm a size 10 and yes I'm a boi! Can someone help? Andywardrobe@gmail.com

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