Gap Holiday 2009 “Holiday Cheer” Commercial

Friday, November 13, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Watched the new Gap holiday 2009 commercial on my plane ride back to NYC last night, after a three-year hiatus from TV Gap is back with a catchy commercial. According to Gap, the holiday marketing and advertising campaign was designed to be uplifting and inspiring, ultimately drawing more customers into its stores. The campaign called “Holiday Cheer” highlights dancers wearing Gap’s holiday product line inspired by “classic cozy cabin” – an urban unconventional modern take on the coziness and comfort of the American log cabin and features choreographed dancers and models belting catchy holiday cheers about defying convention. Created in partnership with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the television spots were directed by Michael Gracey and Pharrell Williams developed the musical backdrop for the TV spots. Catchy and fun indeed, definitely uplifts the spirits for the holidays.

“When Gap is at its best, we connect with culture and this campaign taps into the pulse of how Americans are living their lives today,” said Gap North America president Marka Hansen. “We are sending a strong message that we’re proud to offer cool, American design with products that will stand the test of time — something we believe will resonate with shoppers this holiday season.”


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12 thoughts on “Gap Holiday 2009 “Holiday Cheer” Commercial

  1. It’s hard for me to believe – but Rachele Brooke Smith, star of Center Stage -Turn It Up, is one of the dancers in this commercial!!

  2. This is one of the most annoying ads of the season. The words of the song don’t bother me, I get it… it’s just annoying! It makes me want to turn the channel as fast as possible…

  3. What EXACTLY ARE the words in the commercial…?? I hear the first part – 2 4 6 8 It’s time to liberate! Go Christmas! Go Hannakah! Go Kwanzaa! Go Solstice! … then it’s not clear….some are saying its “go plastic tree, go classic tree, go plant a tree, don’t have a tree”…..but I think I hear “no plastic tree, no classic tree, go plant a tree, don’t have a tree”….which is not all that “INCLUSIVE” as I am hearing people say so much as it is very GREEN. What say you, Gap?????

  4. I really intensely dislike this commercial. So much that I change the channel every time it’s on. I don’t know exactly why…I think it’s just so desperate to be “PC”—how many people actually celebrate solstice anyway??? Just say happy holidays and move on..

  5. I for one do celebrate Solstice and Yule. Pagans are a bigger group than most believe. I appreciate the commercial. It’s cute and catchy and it does include everyone. Why does that have to cause problems? Everyone wants to be inclusive as long as it’s only their religion?

    I love to watch this commercial. I’m glad to see a national brand that doesn’t except the christian status quo.

  6. Come on, people. It’s upbeat and the dancers are amazing. Why the immediate complaint that it’s PC? MAYBE it’s ironic. MAYBE it’s just entertaining. Sheesh.

  7. i cannot find the boots from the ad that all the girls are wearing- i want them so bad- i figured that since they put every single girl in them that they for sure had to have them in their store (sometimes the GAP does have shoes- but usually sandals or flats) – anyway- can someone help me out here- where i can find them? Ive been looking online but with no luck so far- if i do find them before i getan answer here, i’ll post it(as i see someone else is wondering the same thing :P)…

    *ooh- i wonder if i randomly call various GAP stores- maybe one of their sales ppl know(?)

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