Rodarte for Target Lace Dresses

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Earlier this week, you’ve seen clearer images of the Rodarte for Target pieces featured in Marie Claire. Teen Vogue and Glamour magazines also featured one piece each, the Lace Halter Dress ($45) in their new issue with Dakota Fanning on the cover and the Nude Lace Dress ($40), respectively. Thanks to reader RudeGirl for the tip. Slowly we’re getting a preview of different pieces from the collaboration, I’m just waiting to view the entire collection any day now. The collection is slated to launch on December 20, 2009. Are you liking what you’ve previewed so far?



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16 thoughts on “Rodarte for Target Lace Dresses

  1. Bravo, I am loving the black, lace, halter dress….the first pieces that were previewed sucked ass but come Dec. 20th you will find me at Target 🙂

  2. I like both dresses, but are they only releasing these in “model” sizes? Or will these be available in realistic sizes? If not then unfortunately I will only be able to purchase accessories which makes me sad because their clothes are gorgeous.

  3. I agree with Hotchoc87 about the bows on the nude dress. Would look perfect without it.

    the black halter is pretty. but i probably couldn’t pull it off, i look weird in halters. but great dress

  4. I saw the nude dress and my thoughts were in this order "Ohh my god, I love that dress" – "I can afford that dress!" "I should probably rip the bows off – hope I can do that without ruining the fabric." Anyway, I'm marking this collection launch in my calendar so that I can buy this dress – what's great is it seems like I could wear it to a cocktail party, but, it looks like it could also be worn as a more casual piece. Agreed about the bows though – I don't think they add anything to the dress, and actually make it look a bit tacky, so I would get rid of them. They also would prevent me from wearing a cardigan over this, since the bows would look all lumpy.

  5. I love the dress to the right… I wouldn’t call it nude, because I don’t like the word nude. But to all the people who say “I will probably rip the bows off…” Then you dont really like the dress if you dont like all the parts! I <3 the BOWS and the dress!!

  6. Loovvee the Nude Lace Dress. It sounds like it’s going to sell out fast just from these comments though. Too bad I live in Canada too, ahh!

  7. Im ALMOST positive that Dakota Fanning is wearing a leopard (Rodarte for G.I.) dress in the same teen vogue issue. And if that is the case (Ill have to check when I get back to work tomorrow) I already have a spot save in my closet just for that dress.

  8. The nude dress is breathtaking. I actually like the bows. Such a gorgeous silhouette! I hope the material looks/feels nice up close.

  9. I love the nude dress, my fav is the one Dakota fanning is wearing on teen vogue the leopard print dress. And I’m sure they will have realistic sizes lol they better

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