Love My Steve Madden Seryna Ankle Booties


Last month when Steve Madden put up the Seryna Ankle Booties for pre-order on their site, I got a lil excited since I really wanted the Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandals but didn’t want to drop a $1000 on them. A couple weeks ago a package arrived at my doorsteps, courtesy of Steve Madden, which def made my day, it was the Seryna Ankle Booties! Put the booties on immediately, these are really a good copy of the original boots but cost a fraction of the price ($129.95). But if you didn’t pre-order these babies and received them already, they’re no longer on the site. Loving the “motorcycle jacket” look on the feet, will def be out and about in these sexy booties.

More pics after the jump…




DimePiece Drip Logo Sweater (courtesy of DimePiece)
H&M Studded Legging
Steve Madden Seryna Ankle Booties (courtesy of Steve Madden)
Chanel Sunglasses


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  1. Shit, i love them!

  2. They’re probably not on the site anymore because Alexander McQueen is suing Steve Madden for the blatant rip-off, also considering that SM has continually refused to take them down.

    Didn’t you see that NY Times article that even referenced your post on them a while back?

  3. @j: yup saw that nymag article and the WWD, all goods.

  4. wow, love these. looks even better on. who cares about steve madden getting sued, jeffrey campbell knocks off designer shoes everyday, surprised no one got on his case yet! too bad they removed off the site already, dammit.

    i’m looking forward to these JC knock-offs since i wanted the acne wedges so badly but couldn’t afford it. let me know when they release miss nitro!

  5. loveeee the shoes, looks fab on you. super jealous!!!

  6. awwwwwwwwww. so jealous. why do you just get stuffs??


  8. Aww’z I want them! :(

  9. Love the shoes, hate the top

  10. Jeffrey Campbell does shoes that are similar to the originals, but not blatant replicas, there are always some differences. Except for the lack of the skull zipper pull (and the lesser quality of the leather and other materials), the Steve Madden Seryna was basically an exact copy of the Alexander McQueen boot. I like SM shoes, but the company deserved to be sued in this case; they ripped off McQueen’s design without even trying to make it look different in some way.

  11. Wow, these look hot ON!

  12. I couldn’t find them on any steve madden store or online, but I found them ob ebay where I’m going to get mine for sure

  13. they’re sooo cute!!!

  14. I totally dig this pair and would love to purchase it before its OOS actually.
    I would save up like mad just to buy it if i found this pair earlier!

    Gojane has a knock-off version recently, getting it!

  15. I’m so happy I pre-ordered when I did. I’m still waiting to wear them. They arrived on my birthday Oct. 1. Love them crazy and I measured the heel, 5.25″ Lovely. If your gonna do drag, you better let them see you coming.

  16. Hi im just wondering if those booties fit true to size? or if i am in between sizes etc?

  17. @kimberly: they fit true to size for me.

  18. You are so lucky to have gotten those boots. I wish I could of had gotten them. What color nail polish is that? It is a pretty color!

  19. They put them back again !!! I got them yesturday :)

  20. Angie…I looked at but I can’t find the booties

    May I ask please from where you got yours. Thanks

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