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The fabulous people over at sent over this illustration as a tribute to me, love it! I’m honored to be featured on their site, thank you!

Here’s our unique tribute to Wendy Lam, one of the fashion world’s top bloggers. Her blog, Nitro:licious, has become a point of reference in the industry. Every week her web fans look forward to seeing Wendy’s looks, which were our inspiration for this small yet heartfelt tribute. –

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  1. AMAZING!!! It’s so accurate.

  2. wow that is 2 cute

  3. Good job pretty !

  4. Look so good. Love it!!!!

  5. That’ so Great for you!!Nitro:licious always and forever doing big things!!!

  6. hey i took that photo on the right! i should get credit hahaha!

  7. @steven: LOL yes, big brother!

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