Olivia Palermo for Roberta Freymann Necklace Collection


According to StyleWatch, Olivia Palermo is designing a necklace collection with Roberta Freymann. “I designed two styles that will go into her store and we’re working on an exclusive retail deal, probably in Bendels.” Olivia is gorgeous (even more in person) and has great style, I’m looking forward to seeing what her designs will turn out to be.

On a side note, thanks to reader lucy92 for pointing out that Olivia was rockin’ a pair of the H&M Divided Exclusive shorts. Loves it, the Divided Exclusive fall 2009 collection releases this week, it was pushed back! Can’t wait to pick up some stuff!

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  1. Well, there are already most of the things in their online store, released today along with the new style guide… so awful just to stare at them :(

  2. Wow, seriously.. I thought the shorts had to be Chanel. H&M rocks!

  3. Wow you never let me down! I thought you had lol.. I was like why didn’t she ever mention that again.. Do you know if it will be available at the store in San Francisco?

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