Michelle Obama Rockin’ Merona for Target Dress

Photography: Merona for Target

Our trendy First Lady, Michelle Obama, is fully of surprises when it comes to fashion. She wore a Merona for Target dress when landing in Arizona for a family weekend on Saturday, August 16th. I love her fashion choices especially the one that are affordable, she is effortlessly chic! Do you like her simple look?

One more family pic after the jump…

Photography: Huffington Post

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  1. the dress looks great on her.
    is the dress sold out?
    i think your (product?) link doesnt work.

  2. @lucy92: i think the dress is no longer available.

  3. I love that dress!

  4. I heart Michelle. She’s a total winner to me!

  5. She’s simply FAB!

  6. She looks so chic.

  7. The dress is from last summer. There was also a flowly knee length skirt that was a part of the collection in the same print.

  8. I’m torn. I think she looks great and I agree with the message (to some extent); but I miss Jackie Kennedy’s sense of glamour. I know we face difficult economic times, but if our first family appears to be scraping by what hope do we have of a wealthy future?

  9. She looks so Nice. It’s great to know; we don’t have to spend $100.00’s of dollars for a nice dress. We all don’t have Jackie Kenndys money. Mrs. Obama you look GREAT.

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