GUESS x Marie Claire GUESS Soho Boutique Opening Event

Friday, July 24, 2009 by Wendy Lam

On Wednesday, I started the night out at the GUESS and Marie Claire event where they celebrated the reopening of the newly remodeled GUESS Soho boutique with my gurl Anna and YM (big thanks for helping me take pics). The store was filled with fashionistas, socials, models and celebs with Harley Viera Newton DJing. Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg hosted the party in an all black GUESS pantsuit and patent pink clutch, Amber Rose, Lydia Hearst, Selita Ebanks and Paloma Jiminec were also in attendance. I was most anxious to meet Amber Rose, she’s super fab and gorgeous in person (in case you need to know she was dressed in GUESS)! Super packed party, but fun night.

More pics after the jump…







Harley Viera Newton

Amber Rose “exposed”, so fab!

Photography: WireImage

Photography: WireImage – Funny to see this, kinda like this pic too!

Photography: WireImage – LOL it gave the photographer an excuse to snap this pic since Amber was rockin’ some GUESS jeans.

Lydia Hearst if your real life Barbie doll…



Photography: WireImage – Michelle Trachtenberg & Amber Rose

Michelle Trachtenberg hosted the event, and of course dressed in GUESS…


Selita Ebanks

Paloma Jiminec

Photography: WireImage – Selita Ebanks & Lydia Hearst



Michelle and Harley


Anna and Me


My Outfit:
H&M Striped Top
American Apparel Lame’ Skirt
Sergio Rossi Metallic Silver Snakeskin Sandals
Chanel Classic Lambskin Flap Bag
Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring
Marc by Marc Jacobs Spike Ring


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16 thoughts on “GUESS x Marie Claire GUESS Soho Boutique Opening Event

  1. Great post and i agree, Amber Rose is just plain gorgeous. I love that vest on display on the GUESS mannequin. Glad you had a great time!

  2. wireimage of lydia hearst next to selita makes lydia look deathly unhealthy. her waist is non-existent

    love the pictures though!

  3. Lydia is so well-dressed compared to most people at this party, Michelle’s jumpsuit doesn’t fit her well at all (too big), and Amber Rose, gorgeous girl of course, but she should have buttoned up that shirt a bit.

  4. Nitro:licious I love how you have evolved. Amber Rose is so PHAT. I love her curvy body. She really compliments Kayne. For my girl__ Wendy, I”ve loved you since day one. Peace. Tomorrow there will be a bbq at Bethpage park. heavy hitters vs turntable djs. its to support Dj Threats charity.

  5. Why in the fuck were you excited to meet Amber Rose? She sucked Kanye’s dick in order to get to the top. WTF does she do????? Nitro you are far more ambitious/talented and you did not have to fuck Kanye in order to be where you are today. She is just a bald headed beezy who’s 15 minutes of fame are almost up. Also, Kanye needs to find his equal!!! Someone like Alicia Keys!!!!! I hope you allow me to post this comment 🙂

  6. wow michelle what a disaster!!! only good thing about her look is the pink clutch, and you wendy, you, having such a wonderful closet full of fab clothes, why oh why do you keep using that striped top??? it doesn´t even look that good!!

  7. Is the recession causing the sudden increase in hate comments on blogs or something?
    I would have loved to meet amber rose, i would ask her how she gets her lipstick to look so poppin and juicy!

  8. Wendy you look fab. I love your blog, it’s always poppin’. I’m so glad you got to meet Amber, she’s really a sweet individual, like her head is not blown up just because she’s getting a a little publicity and she’s always willing to take photos with her fans.

    Tupac’s wifey sounds like a bitter whore? bitch if you a rapper or somebody came wanted to talk to your ugly ass and he had dough you would be all over his dick, so i’m not even hating on Amber’s claim to fame. Just sounds like you are made because it didn’t happen to you.

    Sorry about the rant, I just despise haters…Keep up the good work Wendy! love ya…besos baby!

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