Chanel Jade Green Nail Polish

Chanel Jade Green Nail Polish

There’s much buzz around the upcoming Chanel Jade green nail polish which debuted at the Chanel Fall 2009 runway, news finally released that it is slated to release in October. According to Beauty Counter there will be a Jade Rose shade as well. I’m so excited about this green especially since I missed out on the MAC Peppermint Nail Polish, must get my hands on this!

Do you like the color? Peep below to see how it looks on the nails…

Chanel Jade Green Nail Polish
Photography: Monica Feudi & Gianni Pucci /


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  1. Love it!!

  2. must cop!! i missed out on the MAC Peppermint Patti as well so hopefully this will make up for it!!

  3. me want!

  4. i probably went to 8 different Mac/Mac counters in 2 states before I found the Peppermint Patti and that was only by chance! I love it…so much so that I might get the Chanel one too!

  5. i love mint green… charlotte russe has a version too, but its super chippy

  6. ohhh cant wait!!

  7. This is to DIE FOR. I love it!

  8. Barry M has one called ‘mint green’. its exactly the same colour and only £2.89

  9. I LOVE the new Jade nail polish trend, but start with where the trend began, the gemstone! Foxy Findings has a variety of styles to choose from at a great price to showcase this color trend for the season!

    Be Foxy,


  10. where can i order it

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