BBC/Ice Cream Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Preview


Last Thursday, I went by to the BBC/Ice Cream showroom to check out their Fall/Winter 2009-10 collection and Pharrell was there showing the collection. It’s good to see that celebrities that have their own line come through to see the reactions of editors and friends. For Fall/Winter, the inspirations were English fox hunting, bird’s eye city views and space hunt which like all BBC designs are loud and over the top. Expect lots of all-over prints, well cut blazers, button down shirts, hoodies, tees, denim, all-over print pants, accessories and kicks. Normally I don’t really post men’s stuff but BBC/Ice Cream apparel is available in XS which fits me, and the accessories are unisex plus I know my men readers will appreciate it as well. If you’re looking for something that’s extraordinary and loud then you’ll def find something here. As usual I got lots of pics to show. The collection releases starting in July through December and will be available at BBC stores and online at

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Loic, Phillip and Pharrell from BBC/Ice Cream

Cute jacket!


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  1. oh pharrell, you sexy man!

  2. Pharrel Williams is a very good musician, I think he should fashion designers do their job…this is crap…

  3. I love Pharrell, can’t wait to see him again!

  4. Stick with music.

    What a load of crap.

  5. Pharrell is hot, his clothes are not.

  6. Ok. I managed to control my jealousy over all the swanky events you get to attend. But this time you went too far!!! Not hugged up on my boo Pharrell!! back off!!


    but seriously jealous.

  7. wow, Pharrell is SO cute.

  8. eh, in this economic climate do people still care about this kind of stuff? I’ve never been a fan but now I wonder if people are thinking twice about dropping a grand on such a trendy piece when other labels buy you a better quality/fit/look for that price or less.

  9. love the fun nature of his collection!
    Very geared towards one small audience though..

  10. i love bbc but this stuff looks so recycled …they do the same thing every season

    and i hate the waffle pattern

  11. I feel Ya’ll and it took a minute, but shots out to Lynnhaven and Military Circle! Leave the Homey Alone! Because he the WilliWear of the Thang!

  12. They are very fancy.
    Maybe, good in Harajuku.

  13. o m g
    im soooo jealous right now!! lol.
    you met him..the genius..pharrell!smsh…how is he in person?
    i know i sound groupyish but he is just too…i dont even know how to
    &the clothes
    dope as usual.

  14. I’m natrually not into men’s wear but I think Pharell is really hot.

  15. I thought the clothing was unisex because me and my girl wear them. Anyways I like BBC/Icecream clothing but they aren’t as good as the usual stuff,I’m stick with the. However I do like the accessories though.

  16. best looks:

    -print pants

    -bow tie

    -tin lizzie top that spells billionaire

    -signature waffle print items

    worst looks

    – overkill printed jeans (they look really bootleg)

    i think BBC/IceCream is loved because of its flashy yet playful nature. the best looks are the ones that keep that balance.

  17. <3 <3 <3 pharrell! so lucky!


  19. i like everything with that cowboy print on it the rest has been done and sucks… mann they shud just quit while their ahead .. this stuff is way too over priced anyway

  20. OMG…I’m so jealous! I want to meet Pharrell too!

  21. pharrell is so HOT!!

  22. wow you got to meet pharell!! :D:D lol good enough

    BBC will sell no matter what it looks like :D

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