Love 21 by Forever 21 [Available Now]


Yesterday, the Love 21 by Forever 21 contemporary line has launched and is currently available in select stores and on (I advise to shop online if you’re interested in anything). Per the site, “Love 21 is designed for the sophisticated shopper, the line brings a cultured outlook to the selection at Forever 21. With quality fabrication and detailing, the line showcases garments made of 100% silk and premium deim but with price tags that won’t break the bank. Love 21 believes that sophisticated style should be effortless. The best part…new on-trend and classic garments arriving in stores and online weekly.”

Honestly the Love 21 line doesn’t look too much different from what Forever 21 has been selling, the good thing is that the current selections are all under $30. Your thoughts on the new line?

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  1. I’m not impressed with most of this. it’s not that it’s not wearable, well i should say SOME of the stuff is wearable, but none of the stuff is impressive or different.

  2. Whats so special about this collection? Looks like any collection any store would carry.

  3. Most of the clothes are downright hideous.

  4. This looks HORRIBLE. I mean SERIOUSLY? It looks like Wal-mart crap.

  5. I am loving the print on the floral paint dress!! Although I don’t understand what they mean by 100% silk… it says polyester in most of the descriptions…

  6. These clothes look like Arden B and Bebe have a love child.

  7. All of these items say 100% polyester. Targets clothing lines are 100 times better.

  8. awful. i hate f21 and this line is even worse. also, did anyone look at the size chart?? it’s totally convoluted, an XS has a 35-inch bust and 27-inch waist?? really? i think this line is targeted toward women 35-55. what self-respecting woman would wear these fugly pieces though, i have no idea.

  9. Negativeeee. Oh my goodness, its (very) ugly.

    Why so many fugly ass prints?!!! lols

  10. when i got an email about this i thought it was about their plus line…

    doesnt seem any different than the usual forever 21 stuff.

  11. Nothing outstanding! Some tops cute, but dresses look cheap and something you would wear at the beach only. Where are the classic looks that make everyone look good!!! I think designers only go extreme and don't consider the basics that look good on every figure.

  12. Not impressed at all. I would also rather shop at Target

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