H&M Fall/Winter 2009 Women’s Look Book

Friday, May 15, 2009 by Wendy Lam

OMG, this is the reason why I LOVE H&M so much! Modefeber has once again got the first look at H&M’s Fall/Winter 2009 look book and pictures from the Sweden showroom! Some of the black pieces featured in the look book are from the Divided Exclusive Fall 2009 Collection that I posted previously, those pieces will be released at the end of August (I can’t wait!). I basically love the entire look book, it’s nicely styled and the products are so nice! There’s also a Rodarte-inspired sweater (page 2) that I must get my hands on, studs, lace, faux leather and zippers are big in their fall collection. Colors are mostly basic, lots of black, white, ivory, green, khaki, burgundy, brown and grey, so far not seeing much print. Thanks to reader lucy92 for the tip.

Loving it so far, can’t wait to see more! Do you guys love it?

> H&M Fall/Winter 2009 Men’s Look Book

More pics after the jump…

I love the whole outfit, especially the top!


Love the pants, belt and ankle booties!



The coat and booties please…

The boots, wonder if they’re H&M?


I need the white puffer jacket and the fur vest!

Love the whole outfit!

The shoes!!!

Love the whole outfit!

Love the whole outfit!

Love the neck warmer!!

More pics on the next page…

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32 thoughts on “H&M Fall/Winter 2009 Women’s Look Book

  1. I have never been H/M's biggest fan, infact b4 MW for H/M I hadnt shoped there in about 2yrs. But damn if I dont want and need just about evverything in the look book. This seem lto be one of the best collection they've done! With Topshop being such a huge disappointment i'll being headin to H/M. I just hope the quality is great and the pxs are affordable!

  2. This is crazy. This looks like some high priced designer look book. People hate on H&M but they can’t even tell the difference between it and more expensive stuff. I LOVE IT!

  3. Looks like the majority is Trend as usual. I think the styling is fabulous but many times, the quality disappoints in real life. We’ll see.

  4. Damn H&M stepped their game up. Everything looks amazing and it looks like I’m going to spending a lot of time looking for those pieces in store.

    Hopefully the prices don’t change 😑

  5. Obvi the shoes arent H&M, some are burberry some are jil sander, some who knows, they never use their busted ass shoes for a look book

  6. wow, H&M is really stepping it up! Sometimes their product looks quite cheap, but none of this stuff does at all– everything looks on trend and of decent quality! That leather jacket w/studds– a must cop!

  7. SUPURB! I agree with Shaunie. This look book looks like a high end editorial shoot. Topshop eat your heart out! I find Topshop’s stylings always too flashy and tacky. H&M’s styling is exciting and tasteful. Hope you will post the men’s look book soon. Can’t wait!

  8. Damn!! With each pic I had to keep reminding myself that I was looking at H&M. Honestly I’ve stopped shopping there in the last 6 months because of how cheap everything looked. Psh, WHAT recession??!! Come August I’ll be splurging at H&M!!

  9. i think this stuff is AWESOME and i absolutely cannot wait for it to hit the racks in August. however, i think that the commonly used phrase of “I NEED THIS” is so distasteful, especially during our economic crisis. i personally don’t NEED any of these pieces, thankfully, i have warm clothes that will last me through the cold winter months. i know that many of the readers here also don’t NEED these clothes. i am all for drooling and wanting items that are reasonably priced, but perhaps we should keep in mind that many people NEED clothes to stay warm, just like people NEED food to survive and money to buy such food. by keeping that in mind, saying that you NEED a faux fur vest or super trendy jeans when your posts clearly show you are not in NEED of any more clothes seems a bit silly, no?

  10. WTF at so many models posing as if they need to take a dump? It’s not cute people. And jumping in front of beige backgrounds? Snoooooze. I hope the designs won’t fall flat with poor execution, but I’m not optimistic. The studded jeans remind me of tacky Gray Ant.

  11. OMG OMG OMG, i luuuvvv everything….i dont think ive every been more excited for fall to come….watch out high street shops i feel H&M are about to take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. all great looking….than try to get it….either out of it or not the right size
    H&M is notorious for there lack of having it…..what they show on the models.

  13. Always a hassle to deal with the store and what they advertise….It’s never there
    or the story is….. sold out. NY City is the worst of all stores….and the suburban H&M
    stores carry none of this stuff….Germany is the ONLY place where I notice they have everything and actualy carry descent sizes.

  14. Once More

    I totaly agree with you…had the same thign happend to me over the years with
    H&M…America…and Suburbia is getting the SHAFT

  15. Uh can the models be any thinner. I mean come on! They’re not even a normal size! It makes me sick!
    I have been in H&M… I have been excited to shop there until I start touching the merchandise and find it’s crap! Nice try H&M but I can do better at the Thrift Store!

  16. I’m not in the mood –Seriously I have enough jackets. In a more flush mood I might have considered this plaid Burberry jacket, which I think is hellishly cute. But I have a very similar coat in brown that is four years old and doing just fine. No real incentive to buy
    burberry store.

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