bebe Summer 2009 “A Safari State of Mind” Catalog


This past Saturday I received bebe‘s summer 2009 catalog, “A Safari State of Mind”, in the mail and loved it! The shoot took place in the exotic African safari featuring animals like elephant, giraffe, zebra and lion alongside with model Diana Moldovan as a young adventurer. Aside from the amazing animals and background, I’m not a car freak but I couldn’t take my eyes off the sexy old school G Wagen in the shoot, so hot! And also the fab wardrobe blending of new haute styles and untamed animal prints, captured in raw silk and structured canvas, get your safari chic on! You can shop the summer 2009 catalog at now.

More pics and video of the shoot after the jump…

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More pics on the next page…

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  1. wish they actually sold those suit cases…. :) they r hawt…!

  2. wicked i luv all of them

  3. also the video they actually make it look egzeactly like the motherland

  4. Most of the pics look really fake, especially ones with animals. I doubt that Bebe really had a budget to go to Africa lol!

  5. fantastic

  6. i have a VERY SIMILAR almost MAYBE EVEN EXACT bag as the one with the leopard on the JEEP
    i bought it from! it’s a melie bianco purse!!!! LOVE IT

  7. they didnt go 2 africa in the photoshot.did u see tha video.dey just make it look like africa and those are real animals in the pictures

  8. pics are realy perfect…

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