H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2009 Collection

Thursday, May 7, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: H&M

Wow, I must say I’m obsessed with H&M‘s Divided Exclusive Fall 2009 collection! Since the launch of the Divided Exclusive collection last year I’ve waiting on new stuff and finally here’s the preview. Just when I’m over fall/winter here comes a collection that makes me wish its cold again. All the black pieces are perfect and I love it all! I need the studded leather jacket, deconstructed jeans, leggings, suede vest, studded tweed jacket & shorts, black on black floral jacket and velvet puff sleeve dress, those pieces are a must have for me- did I just list everything (haha)?! Let’s just hope I can get my hands on them. The Divided Exclusive collection is slated to release in select H&M stores at the end of August, so look out for them! I’ll be stalking H&M on the constant till I get everything I want haha! Are you feelin’ this collection?

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45 thoughts on “H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2009 Collection

  1. WHOOOOOOOOAAAA! H&M just put badass on an affordable level. I'll get the leather jacket if it is real leather and not pleather.

    Hit me up next time you're in Boston.

  2. OMG i know its only spring now but after all these pictures i am dying for fall to come!!!
    the tweed jacket and shorts are soooo pretty! and i have to go for the stud leather jacket and that long black vest? one-piece?
    so excited
    thanks for the preview!!!

  3. OMG, these are *amazing*. I’ve been waiting for H&M’s take on Gareth Pugh. I adore the leggings on the first page and the zipper dress and the pleated tank on the third page.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! Do you know what the price range is likely to be for the pieces?

  4. So many items I wanna pick up from these photos alone. I’ll probably even end up getting a few things I wasn’t interested in after seeing them in person. Gotta start saving!

  5. The studded leather jacket and the leather bodysuit are must haves! I’m going to have to plan a trip to NYC in August bc I know the H&Ms around me won’t have these hot pieces…

  6. damn haha i accidently commented on rihanna post lol
    ok one more time, ive seen some new pieces for the Divided Exclusiv Summer Collection 2009 on and wanted to ask if you saw it too?

  7. I’m so in love with that leather jacket! and of course all the studs! and sadly I feel the same way when I look at this collection (is winter here yet) ha ha and summer is barely even started. I just wish there was an H&M closer!! stalking will be hard for me!

  8. complete shock.. wow h&m .. very nice yeah i love the top jacket but im fearing it’s fake leather.. sigh anywho the dresses are amazing ..god please let me have money when this come out! lol

  9. I LUUUUUVVVVV this collection, i have just purchased my key pieces from the summer range, i got the white structured dress, the big white skirt and the floral leotard….it looks like the fall range is gonna be bigger and better….i NEED the leather jacket (i am just hoping it doesnt luk tooo plastic), the velvet dress, the black foam type dress and the bandeaux dress…..I LUVVV H&M for bringing this fantastic range to the high street at such affordable prices…BYE BYE topshop etc cause H&M look like they are taking over this year 😀

  10. they also have some leather thigh high laced boots that are baaaaaad! & they’re only $59.95. i cannot wait. .it’s the end of August & the collection still hasn’t came out,=/

  11. LOOVe your blog!!! Any news on whether the collection has been delayed? I stalked 4 h&ms for the velvet dress and nobody had a clue when I described it to them . One of the cashiers told be she has been waiting for the dress also, but no signs of it yet…I presume some pieces have been released but the dress is nowhere to be found…Thanks for any info…

  12. I live in NYC and there are a lot of H&M stores out here, I have went on two hunts for the studded jackets and possible a few other pieces but they aren't out yet(not all stores carry this line, but this one does). I asked two workers and they said they don't have a specific date but that they should receive the items at the end of this month. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the jacket. Anyone with more info….plz tell..appreciate it much =)

  13. Hi there
    i would love to buy the black velvet dress with the puffy sleeves from your Divided Exclusivecollection. Unfortunately when the sale was on in H & M Stockholm, i was in hospital so i couldnt make it but a friend bought one and i fell in love with it.
    I am a size 40. Would you mind to let me k ow where i can order it
    Lookng forward
    Best wishes
    Jane Kitto

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