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Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Wendy Lam

The recession is hitting everyone, Jones Apparel Group today announced the launch of a Rachel Roy diffusion brand exclusive to Macy’s which include affordable contemporary sportswear, footwear and accessories. The lower-priced line is dubbed Rachel Rachel Roy and is slated to debut in August 2009. The Rachel Rachel Roy collection will capture a fresh and youthful look that reflects today’s culture by mixing elements of downtown cool with uptown chic at affordable price points. The line will retail from $59 to $299 for sportswear, $79 to $199 for footwear, $40 to $195 for jewelry and $69 to $109 for handbags. The collection includes an array of sportswear options, including stonewashed denim skirts; fake leather jackets and fake fur vests; long, chunky cardigans; Modal jersey dresses, jumpsuits and tops; crystal-embellished cotton jersey T-shirts; brushstroke-printed jackets and coats, and bright pink leopard-printed skinny jeans. In addition to apparel, there will be a large selection of accessories, including footwear, handbags and jewelry, all retailing for under $250.

Founder and artistic director, Rachel Roy, said, “Accessible fashion has always been a passion of mine. Every woman should have the opportunity to express herself through style. Being able to design a contemporary product line that truly reflects a sense of individuality is a great honor. Macy’s has been an embracing partner in helping us launch this redefinition of a new lifestyle collection.” via WWD

The Rachel Rachel Roy for Macy’s Collection is looking pretty good, I’m anticipating the release. Loving a lot of the pieces! Do you love it or hate it?

More pics after the jump…





Love these boots!







Love the accessories…




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15 thoughts on “Rachel Rachel Roy for Macy’s Collection

  1. i’m not hating the accessories, but i’m always wary of the designer label ripoffs of designer labels thing that’s been happening everywhere lately

  2. I love Rachel, met her at the Teen Vogue University. She’s so lovely. Glad to see good things happening to her. Can’t wait for this line!

  3. MMmmmmm… I love Rachel but im not feeling this line. Dresses are her strong suit, imo. The shoes are ok, the jewelry is HOT. The studded mini purses are hot as well.

  4. ew

    her clothes are ugly.

    only the tote bags are cute, the other bags are lame

    the rings and earrings are cute, the bracelets are not

    only her shoes are halfway decent

    i wish her luck, but it’s not looking to good right now.

  5. As I type this I’m actually wearing a Rachel Roy dress so I am a huge fan, but this collection is just hideous. As someone above said, dresses (and trenches) are her strong suit. I just don’t understand why she made a collection geared towards trendy teens. Her dresses are usually classic silhouettes that play with contrasting textures adding a slight edge, and I’m sure there are a lot of younger and older women out there who would love to own one of her dresses, but aren’t willing to pay $1500 for a cocktail dress. She should’ve just done a simpler, cheaper version of what she’s great at and not gone out of her way to try to be trendy, because it ends up looking incredibly dated and try hard.

  6. @ Raina

    Glad you commented since you own her clothing and can give first hand knowledge reqarding the quality of Rachel’s clothes. I am one of those people who cannot afford a cocktail dress for $1500. I totally agree that she should have done a cheaper version of what she is known for to broaden her clientele. Especially in these economic times, people are spending their money differently (even those who can afford it). If this is an indication about what her line is going to look like, I’ll pass.

  7. wow!!! Hella h&m knock-off lol!!! No matter what macys does it will never be better lol… those clothes suck… but nice try…!

  8. This collection looks like it belongs at Target, not Macy’s. It should attract Teens, and belongs with Junior collections, like Guess or Dereon, not on Impulse with designers like Vivienne Tam or Anna Sui or See by Chloe…. These are all lesser lines of very expensive labels and that is the only similiarities because these collection is more like a “Rachel Roy for Target”, than it is for Macy’s

  9. i hate to say it , she is a beautiful woman , but her line lacks a cohesive look , what is her brand ? where is the style equity ? I just cannot find it . Is she using ghosts ? how involved is she in the creation . quality is one thing , but styling and attention to details are another.

  10. Will you be getting, either here on your website or at Macy’s any more of those fabulous fur vets? I will order one for backorder, if possible.


  11. Stop hating atleast she’s doin something with herself. Ok her clothes should be cheaper come on rachel, but honestly don’t sit anD call them hideous. That’s just plain rude, if you dislike it that’s fine but don’t badger her style and taste.

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