First Look: Felix Rey for Target Collection


Felix Rey designers Lily Band and Sulaika Zarrouk will be the seventh handbag launch in a series of limited-time-only accessories designers at Target. The limited edition handbag collection called Felix Rey for Target will be released on March 29th to June 14th. Once again the range of handbags and clutches looks to be inspired by sea just like the Miss Trish of Capri for Target range. Thanks to reader lucy92 for over images of the collection, the fishes in the water tote (pictured left) is quite cute for a casual day out or to the beach. I await to see the full collection. Do you like it?

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  1. I like how she is using that beach/sea/ocean feel to create her collection but this just isn’t my style. It’s now WOW and seem bland =[

  2. I like the coral tote, minus the shell. But the clutches are fab!

  3. love the clutch on the left.

  4. loving the seashell clutches!

  5. Ewww! Target has to get it together. The bag collaborations have pretty awful. Everything huge and shiny. And these Felix-Rey ones? Maybe the worst (or at least tied with Hollywould). Sigh*

    But I am excited about McQ!

  6. i’d have to pass. maybe except for that gold and brown tote.

    the nautical themes are cute but i’d feel so limited to carrying them around ONLY when on vacation or at the beach/pool. and that’s it.

  7. I like the clutches because they are perfect to bring for my trip to Mexico for my honeymoon. I can’t wait for McQ too!

  8. That looks like something you would pair with Lily capris. How tragic!

  9. I’m so disappointed! These bags are tacky, don’t get me started on those shell details. The patterns are not cohesive with this Springs palettes. They were way off from the bulls eye. At least MCQ will overshadow this huge mistake.

  10. Either of the clutches are good, especially the coral one. And honestly, I’d do the big fish bag. It’s a cute, summery conversation piece. As long as there’s no “FOR TARGET” plastered on it somewhere, I’d do it.

  11. That was weird about the release dates. I was at Target today and purchased the big tote with the fish on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Last one, too!

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