l.e.i. Sundresses by Taylor Swift Collection Launch Event

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 by Wendy Lam

For those that follow my Twitter already know that earlier today, I went by to the l.e.i. showroom for the launch of the l.e.i. Sundresses by Taylor Swift collection. 19-year-old American Country Artist Taylor Swift is currently the face of l.e.i and the brand was inspired by Taylor’s love for dresses which resulted in this collaboration of sundresses. The sundresses are designed by Taylor and the l.e.i. design team and are made of 100% cotton and retail for $14 which is perfect for our economy now. The sundress collection is very much like Taylor- cute, young, simple and casual, perfect for a day out in the sun. The sundresses will be available in juniors’ sizes, three styles will be available beginning of February 1, 2009: the tie-back dress, the printed tie-back dress and the printed tier dress. Two additional styles will be available March 1, 2009. The sundresses will be sold exclusively at Walmart.

Taylor says, “One of my favorite things to wear is a sundress, so I loved designing this new line with l.e.i.! It’s fun to find great clothes that are affordable, so hopefully fans will be happy to see my sundresses at Walmart.”

More pics and a video of Taylor after the jump…

*Be sure to click on HQ to watch this video in high quality! (right corner arrow after you play the video)



Taylor getting interviewed…

Models posin’ in the sundresses, looks better on doesn’t it?

Jacket off for a better look at the sundress…

Crochet Trim Dresses

Eyelet Trim Dresses

2-fer Lace Dresses

Tie Back Dresses

Tie Back Printed Dresses

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36 thoughts on “l.e.i. Sundresses by Taylor Swift Collection Launch Event

  1. I jut bought one of these dresses! I’m so stoked to wear it! I loved that it’s so cute and it didn’t put a dent in my wallet at all. She’s gonna make a profit of these dresses!

  2. TAYLOR!!!!!!!! I really luv ur clothing line!!!!! Your dresses are amazing! !! Thanks for opening up ur clothing line and making it affordable unlike other dresses. Your absolutley amazing ur hair ur face ur clothes ur clothing line what else can u do?!!?

  3. Omg I love the dresses! I never wear dresses and I think they are adorable! Keep up the great work ms swift

  4. These dresses are amazing! I gotta get to Wal Mart – FAST! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! Her designing, her music, her sense of style! And she makes it all so affordable! Wow!
    Can’t wait for other awesome dresses!

  5. Love her dresses! i own 8! and yes i weaer my cowgirl boots with them! and cute jewelry! its the ultimate outfit! =)
    affordable. cute. country. taylor swfit. what more could ya ask for??

  6. OH MY GOSH. TAYLOR YOUR SUNDRESSES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. You have a great sense of style and fashion. You are beatuiful inside and out.
    They are SOOOOO cute that I will be wearing one (along with my 15 year old sister) to your concert in Detroit for “Mine”. I am 12 years old and your BIGGEST fan. I am accually crying right now because I want to meet you so bad but I have HOPE that I will. You have the most beautiful voice, and the lyrics are inspirtational; whenever I hear one of your songs I go crazy (even though I have all the CDs, when the radio plays it that is so awesome to know that you so popular).
    You are a lovely person and are beautiful inside and out. Taylor, you are my role model and so many people look up to you.
    While so many other popular stars do not appreciate their fans, try to avoid them or even “hide out” you love your fans because we love you. This makes me so happy because this acually gives me HOPE that I will meet you some day soon. Thank you, Taylor, for being such a wonderful person.

    There’s no Wal Mart in Singapore. I feel for you. I know how sad I would be if I could not have one Taylor’s cute dresses. By the way, Eminence, your name is really beautiful.

  8. TO KATIE (Taylor’s # 1 Fan :D):
    Katie, I feel bad for you because you don’t have the oppertunity to own some of Taylor dresses; just know that SOMEDAY you will be able to buy one and that Taylor loves all of her fans whether or not they own her dresses.

  9. I own the brown stripped one and it is ADORABLE! i love it soo much. i wear it ontop of my bathing suit or just by itself. its inccredible… 🙂

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