Coach Spring 2009 Ad Campaign + Handbags

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 by Wendy Lam

First look at Coach‘s spring 2009 ad campaign featuring models Irina Lazareanu and Ali Michael. Coach’s first spring introductions are the Madison Spectator and Parker collections. These collections take their brand into an inspiring and new direction along with their new ad campaign which is a unique and diverse compliment to it. Irina Lazareanu (along with others) pulses with energy within her simply chic settings. The images are stunning, quirky, and impactful and offer great insight into a new direction for the brand.

The Madison Spectator Leather collection offers sportier silhouettes and extra detailing in new color combinations such as parchment and acid green, graphite and black, dusty lilac and navy. The range is currently available online now. The Parker collection arrives in stores for March and brings with it effortless appeal and a pretty attitude. This collection is adorned with minimal hardware and twist-braided handles, resulting in an overall effect that is both ultra-femme and edgy. These styles come in super lush cowhide with brass and silver hardware and in fresh colors like pale yellow, frosty violet, bright green, and pearlized blush. The Parker Metallic Convertible Hippie in blush exemplifies haute hippie style and is sure to be a seasonal staple.

I quite like the ads especially Irina’s shots, they look like “normal” photos we take and they’re not heavily styled. Cute! The new bags are fun too!

More pics after the jump…





Madison Spectator Satchel $698


Parker Shoulder Bag $358

Parker Satchel $458

Parker Convertible Hippie $398


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9 thoughts on “Coach Spring 2009 Ad Campaign + Handbags

  1. I know Coach is obviously better made than a Canal street bag, but the Parker Shoulder Bag looks exactly like a Canal street knock off :-\

    The ads are whatever, better than their previous stuff but still whatever.

  2. I actually like these bags but I would get a Louis Vuitton or a Gucci before I spend my money on a Coach bag to be honest.

  3. I do like the bags. But I would never actually buy one. It’s not that they’re tacky. It’s just that the coach brand makes me think of a soccer mom or an aunt who isn’t quite hip but just tries so SO hard. Oh yeah, and those prices? Yeah right.

  4. WHAT?? Choach made something that’s not completely egregious? I’m shocked. I would still never buy any of it though, see Inspired Lime’s comment.

  5. Each to his own ladies; have owned many kinds of bags and always come back to Coach for many reasons, most of all quality and workmanship. What can I say? I guess it's personal preference. They are anything but tacky and show me a soccer mom who own's a Coach collection – please!

  6. I love the new parker collection 🙂 A lot of the newer stuff they have recently been coming out with was sort of blah but the parkers and sabrinas I love. As for those looking down at Coach bags seriously go worry about something else :S I own SEVERAL more expensive designer bags like LV and can afford even more expensive bags, but a nice bag is a nice bag end of. And Coach has definately hit the mark this time!

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