Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse “Rock on Mars” Exhibition Preview

Marc Jacobs and Me <3

For the people that follow my Twitter already know that last night I attended the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Rock on Mars exhibition preview at Deitch Projects’ Wooster Street Gallery. The exhibition was amazing, the gallery was transformed into a “realization of Sprouse’s rock and roll futuristic vision”. The retrospective exhibition features Sprouse’s “paintings of iconic rock and roll imagery including stacks of loudspeakers, Sid Vicious with his pants down, and an Iggy Pop crucifixion. The show also included a selection of the video works made to accompany his runway shows, examples of his fabric and furniture design for Knoll, and fifty of his most influential fashion looks.” At the event I spotted Leigh Lezark, Agyness Deyn, Erin Fetherston, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs which was the highlight of the night! I was so happy to meet him, he’s super nice and hot! The after party was at the Bowery Ballroom, featuring a performance by Sprouse’s friend Debbie Harry, followed by DJ Jus Ske. The venue had a Sprouse feel, with a special graffiti-and-neon decor. Louis Vuitton always knows how to throw a great event, had a great time.

Also, the much anticipated Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Tribute Collection finally released at the Louis Vuitton SoHo boutique. The complete worldwide launch will follow on February 2, 2009 though the Rose pieces will be available at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide starting Friday, January 9, 2009. I’ll def be dropping by later today! Even if you don’t plan on buying anything from the Tribute Collection, you should def check out the boutique as it has been transformed into a Sprouse destination. Louis Vuitton wrapped the store in vinyl and spray painted neon graffiti all over the facade. The window display features a 6-foot neon light installation in Sprouse’s Rose motif. The store’s interior, enhanced with black brick wall facing, is sprayed with the neon graffiti.

Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 941-9475

Rock on Mars Exhibition: January 09, 2009 — February 28, 2009

Lots of pics after the jump (5 pages)…

Even the taxis outside…

Leigh Lezark and Me

More pics on the next page…

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  1. WOW u took a photo with Marc Jacobs eh? wicked….

  2. Wendy I love u!!
    You r so fu*king hot!!
    I want to make love to you..

  3. lucky gurl :)
    looks like a fab event

  4. wow.
    thats all i can say!

  5. The ensemble is sick!!@ Cheetah Louboutin’s and a Louis = the perfect match.

  6. omg, you got a pic wit MJ! how tall is he?

  7. when did you see him??? i missed him because I was downstairs the whole time :(

  8. he is so HOT and i am so JEALOUS!!

  9. MARK <333

    You look fabulous, and thanks for posting all the photos – it sure looked amazing :)

  10. You met Marc! Oh, you’re killing me…seriously…

  11. omfg…you met Marc…Im so jealous!
    I also need to stop by and see the wrapping and transformation of the store. looks pretty cool.
    ughhh so jealous! I wanna be there!! looks like you had fun though.

  12. Sorry, but that handbag is way to big to be wearing at a party – a smaller bag had worked better. And what’s up with posting photos with celebs? That looks weird.

  13. love the leggings/pants…so cool that you got to take a pic with MJ!

  14. gurl you look awesome and how awesome is it to take a photo with mj? he is gorgeous! i wish i were a gay man so i could have a chance with him-jk. oh, a note to the poster- “L” sounds like your a hater- get over yourself, peace

  15. Love love your shoes! When did you get those? Looks like you had an awesome time, thanks for the pics!

  16. You better get off my gay husband! Lol, I’m just hating because I’m jealous. God that looks amazing. :<

  17. Exactly…and you took the wrong bag to the wrong party…I mean how would you feel like someone came to your tribute exhibition carrying something from another designer? Just because it’s logo ago ago doesnt mean it’s right!

  18. Hey wendy, Just letting you know I used 2 of your pictures on my blog, Im not stealing <3.

  19. your soo lucky you got to meet marc! thats def a dream come true!
    And the bag is amazing, regardless of what anyone says…!

  20. Hey wendy!!
    its caren from vuitton soho! your website looks great as do you. love your pics from the event!

    see you soon

  21. Is Marc Jacobs wearing leggings? What kind?

  22. @D.: yes he is, he’s wearing the ones he designed- louis vuitton x stephen sprouse, they come in the color he’s wearing, orange and green just like the bags!

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