Nike Playmakers Part III at NikeTown Event Recap

Me and Minya (Miss Info)

This past Wednesday, December 17th was the final edition of the Nike Playmakers events, until next year something new will arise. I wasn’t in paparazzi mode that night so I depended on YM to snap up pictures, thanks! As usual the event was super packed, DJ Clark Kent was on the 1s and 2s, my gurl Miss Info was doing interviews for Playmakers TV along with an open bar and yummy stadium food! Fun times! More sneaker pics over at Sneaker News.

More pics after the jump…

Me, Minya and Clark Kent

Aimee, Minya, William Yan and Me

Roman and Me

Nigel Sylvester and YM (Freshness/Sneaker News)

Minya and Kangol Kid (UTFO) along with his kids!

Yos and Mike

DJ Clark Kent




My Outfit
MM Couture Double Button Long Sleeve Terry Jacket (courtesy of Dorothy @ Miss Me)
American Apparel Legging
Aldo Froling Ankle Boot (courtesy of Aldo)
Coach Sabrina Patent Large Satchel (courtesy of Coach)
H&M Gold Mult-Chain Necklace
Forever 21 Rings

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  1. i like minya’s airmax’s

  2. its on sale at ARC for i thnk less than $50!



    The Rivington Club
    158 Rivington Street
    New York, NY 10002
    TEL: (212) 375-8128

  5. What is the full name of Minya’s airmax?
    Me likeyyyy

  6. I know Nigel, my dad cuts his hair

  7. You Look Absolutely Gorgeous In These Pics..Something About You Just Shines..Maybe Youre Just Happier Than Usual

  8. can you please tell me where you got your necklace?? i’ve been looking for one just like that for so long!

  9. Good bumping into ya Wendy, rock on! I finally got my recap post up, check it out.

  10. i knew i blogged about these nike air max 1s before, i finally found the link for those that are interested in miss info's sneakers:

  11. I like Minya’s whole outfit!! Who makes that long hoodie? Are those leggings she is wearing?

  12. @vanessa: hoodie is from NIke, i have it too- got it when i went to the women’s media training summit in portland

  13. Great! Thanks so much!!

  14. is yours the dry-fit or is it regular sweatshirt material?

  15. kangol kid is sexy! i met him! he came to my school. my drama teacher is close friends with him i love his song roxane roxane and im only 9 but i like oldies

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