Dope Couture Fall/Winter ’08 Collection


Dope Couture just released their Fall/Winter ’08 collection of tees. The range includes pieces inspired from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Robert Indiana’s iconic “Love” sculpture, the Lolita movie poster, and a salute to Christian Louboutin and Jay-Z. As always there is a nod to high fashion brands, which can be seen across the entire line.

For the winter, Dope Couture will also be releasing fleece and beanies that are slated to drop in two weeks (stay tuned for that). The range is available directly at their webstore and the first 10 people to use the code “nitrolicious” at checkout will receive 20% off their entire order- act fast! Additional styles can be found at select retailers worldwide along with Karmaloop.

More pics after the jump…














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  1. Luv it…..
    The “I am so dope” tee takes it!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Uhhhhh LOLA much?! Very unoriginal….

  4. the market is already over saturated with this “style”…hell bellz is a lot better [the breakfast at tiffanys one is the worst]

  5. We’ve been doing this style for a couple years now. Hellz Bellz is great btw, but how about getting on younger lines that aren’t everywhere.

  6. Wow, screen printed tee shirts, how original!

  7. i just dont get it.

    why do female brands still continue to push out the same shit ?

    are you even trying to make a profit ?

    whats the point of creating your own line of shirts that are essentially the same as the competition? i mean, out of pride, is there any satisfaction in that?

  8. the only thing i’d even think about wearing is the lolita shirt

  9. I am So DOPE!!!!!FAF

  10. lol – looks like dmpc logo and a few of the tees i designed for HR =)

  11. not dope at all

  12. That Louboutin Shirt is cute!

  13. We were here before dmpc. Anyway, we are first a men’s line and a women’s line second.

  14. I am so dope! like louboutins with the red bottoms!… that’s hot.

  15. Ha ha! “We were here before dmpc.” Love it! Love the hot pink shirt…just wish the neck scooped down a bit farther.

  16. These designs lack the essence of the word "Dope". The designs I made put these to shame, YOU HAVE MY WORD!

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