“A Kid Named Cudi” Mixtape Release Party – July 17

Vashtie and Me ~ great catching up with ya sweets!

After watching Mamma Mia! I went to the “A Kid Named Cudi” Mixtape Release Party presented by 10.Deep at The Red Bull Space. By the time I got there at 9:30pm the doors were closed but of course Meka brought me in with the quickness, thanks for everything. The party was bumpin’, I got to see a lot of friends and tried the new Red Bull Cola~ it was pretty good. At the party A-Trak told me about the Central Park SummerStage Concert happening this Sunday, July 20th at 3pm to 7pm- it’s free so you guys should all go! Right before Kid Cudi was gonna perform Kanye West came through, of course everyone went nuts. Kid Cudi gave a great show, the audience connected with him and everyone was having a great time, so did I except for all the sweaty people rubbing up against me…ugh! If you weren’t there you can download the mixtape exclusively at 10.Deep. As usual I bring the party to all my readers, enjoy!

More pics after the jump…

A look from inside of the line outside…

Heineken, Belvedere Vodka and Red Bull Open Bar

The crowd…

DJ sets by Plain Pat, Nick Catchdubs, and 88 Keys


Sneaker John and YM (Freshness / Sneaker News)

Mark and me trying the new Red Bull Cola ~ pretty good!

Gabriel Urist

More pics on page 2…

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  1. dammit. oh how i want to have a life like yours. it looks so much fun! D:

  2. oh myyy i bet you had a wonderful evening… :)
    i’m loving Mark’s tee, the sandwich one…i wonder where he got it.

  3. the big dogs were really in that party like wow!

  4. kanye looks like he straight rolled out of bed

  5. That looked like fun! Vashtie is too cute =D

  6. Kanye & his thick hoodie in the heat, smh lol . . Vashtie is so pretty & you look cool . . as usual!

  7. damnn girl you are GORGEOUS! i swear i’m not a les but damn…nitroLICIOUS fo’ sure!!

  8. @Min – Here’s the 411 on the shirt: The Grilled Cheese shirt’s found on shirt.woot.com. One shirt released each day on the site @ 1am EST. Holla! http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=5611

  9. wendy l ~ lols people gonna think i’m writing that about myself, so funny we have the same first name and the same last initial!!!

    yasmine ~ you’re too cute haha!

  10. looks like fun! and i love Vashtie’s shirt.

  11. looks like a great time.

  12. I saw you at Summerstage today =] but you were too far for me to say hi and praise your blog

  13. who is that girl who wants u to eat her pucci? she looks so rough

  14. i don’t really agree on all aspects, but good article anyways!

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