Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura Eyelashes – Now Available


I’ve never really appreciated false eyelashes because of a few reasons: 1) I don’t know how to put them on, 2) too lazy to put them on and 3) just looks weird if don’t get the fit right, some people look ridiculous rather than enhancing their eyes. The first time I’ve used them was at my friend Carla’s wedding back in March, how I wish I could of got these to use at the wedding! If used correctly, false eyelashes are the sh*t, they immediately widen the eyes and makes the eyes beautiful, I luv it!

This new limited edition Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura Eyelashes are super fabulous, they’re a bit “dramatic and exaggerated” but I’m one that is up for trying new things all the time. The collection was “inspired by Marcel Marceau, the collection focuses on character Pierrot” and reflects “themes of their Spring/Summer ’08 collection”. There are three designs, the Wing (shown), Rhombus and Swirl. The Wing is my favorite set, it reminds me of paperclips uber cute! If you’re down to splurging about US$170 each for these false eyelashes, they’re now available at Colette.

Will you splurge on this?

More pics after the jump…





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  1. I never needed false eyelashes
    My real ones are even too long, to the point that sometimes when I blink they get tangled =/
    The swirl are very dramatic, defitnetly not for every night use.

  2. lucky u jacky! if u don’t mind telling us what race are you? most indians have such nice long lashes!!

  3. very extreme, but luv it!! <3

  4. Heh, I like the second pair…my boyfriend’s lashes are insane. They’re super long and they have the most perfect curl…

  5. I bought false shu’s one, tried them on by my real ones were longer :x wish I had the money to get some of these because they are amazing.

  6. They apply them for free when you buy a pair (not necessarily the V&R ones) at Shu Uemura, so you can pay attention and learn how to do it yourself. I think it’s like eyeliner, it needs some time and practice to get it right.

  7. I never wear fake eyelashes, but i really ought to start…incredible! I still need to visit the V&R exhibition that is on at the Barbican at the moment.

  8. dang. i lurve fake eyelashes. i have a small collection (from various asian stores) for going out but i don’t wear them too often. i like wing also..swirl is gorgeous too but looks super heavy!

  9. basicly im hispanic, but if you want to get technical i am Spaniard/Guatemalen/Columbian

  10. the first pair look like paper clips

  11. i got Rhombus today at hk’s shu… it’s HKD 500, more than half price than the one on the website..

  12. oh mine, those r fierce.

  13. These are stunning!

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