PUMA x Atmos “Endangered Species” Release Party / Far East Movement @ Hiro

Minya & Me @ Atmos

A quick recap of what happened last Friday, June 27th…met up with YM & Poe (Freshness), Nu (PUMA) and Eastman (Photographer) to headup to the PUMA x Atmos “Endangered Species” Release Party up in Harlem. The photos of the endangered species were photographed by National Geographic photographer Mitsuaki Iwago, they’re so cute! A total of 6 shoes were inspired by 6 different animals on the endangered species list, my favorite pair is the Macaroni Penguin but too bad the smallest size is a men’s 8 (I think).

Chit chatted for a bit and took some pics then Minya (Miss Info) came thru to the party, we split and headed to K-Town for dinner along with YM and Poe, she introduced some new friends, James, Kevin and Jason from Far East Movement, Christine, Vudoo and others. After dinner we hit up Hiro to watch Far East Movement perform, it was ill ~ great meeting you all! I rocked my new Dope Couture Thyves Tee that Matt from Dope Couture sent over, its super cute, and also gotta represent with a pair of my favorite PUMA’s the Alife First Round; I was quite colorful that night!

edit 07.03.2008:
Finally had a chance to upload the Far East Movement video I shot at Hiro, peep it on page 3! Enjoy!

More pics after the jump…

Atmos all “wrapped” up to ensure there aint no “peeping” from outside…

Macaroni Penguin, ahh super cute!




Macaroni Penguin, super kawaii!

Polar Bear

Harp Seal

Giant Panda

Crested Ibis

Golden Monkey

Nu and I snuck in for a quick pic haha…



More pics on page 2…

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  1. love your shoes! I’m totally a far east movement fan.

  2. yos is kinda sexy

  3. ahh the penguin kicks couldn’t have been more dead on! haha

    and I havee to ask about the McDonald’s USB bracelets. do you happen to have more info about them? they’re so out of the ordinary/odd, I feel like I need it in my life :)

  4. retrogurl you are so HOT, nice outfit too!

  5. i love how many dope asians are repped in this post – you, ym, minya, atmos ppl, and far east movement. and you all looked so cute! and i would also like to know more about those McD’s USB bracelets, they look/sound awesome

  6. please find out where he got that black barbie shirt. it’s dope.

  7. awesome post.. thanks soo much for coming out.

  8. Hey I saw you there!

    That’s me in pic #7 page 2 (head turned)

    Feel free to check me out!

  9. lol, i always having fun when I get to hang out with my retrogurl : ) we were on some asian power posse that night, lol, we had writers, fashionistas, lawyers, rappers, singers, and more. not bad.

    but wendy, I need you to help me find a new bag, cuz I beat the hell out of that old fendi, and its in every photo on me here on nitrolicious, hahaha.

  10. for sure minya ~ let’s go shopping for a new bag soon! haha I’m always up for shopping, u know me ;)

  11. ok i just asked Dice where his tee is from, he said its from http://www.knuckleheadkidsnyc.com/

  12. damn.. i hooked on FM. thanks for the intro.. im learning somethin new everyday:) n happy to see my people being represented more in the hip ho community!!!

  13. I just seen the pic on dope couture and I fall in love with ur shirt…. where did u get it. I really want one

  14. everything is available on our website as well.

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