Reebok x Milkfed Freestyle Hi Pastels


Reebok has recently released this set of Freestyle Hi in collaboration with Milkfed, Sofia Coppola’s clothing line sold exclusively in Japan, in five pastel colorways. The Freestyle has been popular for it’s comfort and worn mainly for aerobics back in the days but now it has become more of a fashion sneaker. It has definitely made a great comeback especially with the line up of collaborations and infinite ways to design this classic shoe. This pastel range is perfect for Spring and Summer. I honestly was never a fan of the Freestyle sneaker up until the release of the 25th Freestyle Anniversary collection. Although I still don’t own a pair, I am moved by the Milkfed and Married To The MOB x Colette collaborations – perhaps it’s time to get a pair or two. via Sneaker News

> eBay: Reebok x Milkfed Freestyle Hi Pastels

> Reebok x Milkfed Freestyle Hi Pastels

> Reebok x Milkfed Freestyle Hi Pastels

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  1. i never liked the freestyle. it just screams “EIGHTIES”.

  2. aaah im having the most wonderful flashbacks… i think i need a pair!!

  3. i’ve seen these in stores but i don’t like the colors

  4. the purple ones!

  5. freestyles are the new dunks for girls.

  6. dang these shoes r hella sick

  7. Where can I get these shoe,I GOTTAA HAVVE THEEM BAADDD!!!!!

  8. It's beautiful ♥♥♥

  9. i want this one, but i couldnt find it, in my country.

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