Mary-Kate Has Head Game…

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Don’t laugh and think Mary-Kate looks ridiculous wearing the Marc Jacobs Fall ’08 halo-like headband, think back to last year when she stepped out with the Prada turban and made the turban an “it” accessory. MK braved it to the New Yorkers For Children event to celebrate “New Year’s in April: A Fool’s Fête” at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in NYC on Wednesday. We all know she’s a trendsetter and I actually think she can pull it off, perhaps this may become the next “it” accessory for the season – definitely not for me. I’m just waiting to see if Ashley will pull this one the next time she gets candid…or perhaps Nicole Richie will channel MK some more…

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Photography: JUST-JARED

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  1. I’m sorry, I think the entire ensemble is unflattering epic fail.
    Maybe with high volume hair such a headband could work. It just looks goofy.

  2. The headpiece completely took me out of the rest of the outfit.

    Knowing the Olsen twins, that was probably the point, but I still don’t like it.

  3. Still think she looks ridiculous. It’s not appealing in the least… =/…

  4. Hey Mary-Kate
    The drag queen wants her dress back!

  5. She looks like a damn fool. sorry but the outfit is H.A.M and so is the look. I hate to say that cuz i heart her, and her sisters style. Hey every celebrity has a few strikes to look a mess.

  6. She looks like an old out-of-work actress. She usually nails it, but this is a complete disaster.

  7. I dont like it at all. She’s swimming in that dress and the headband is crazy looking.

  8. It doesn’t look that tacky actually. If she wore a smaller dress she would’ve looked ridiculous with that headband..

  9. This headpiece is just awful BUT I’ve been obsessed with idea of halos ever since Nicole Richie wore that Jennifer Behr rhinestone number. Since I can’t afford that (I WISH!!) I just got a really cute rhinestone halo from here:

    Way cute and way more affordable!

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