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Thursday, April 17, 2008 by Wendy Lam

I’ve been eyeing Nicole Richie’s Anglo American Heart Sunglasses for a hot min already, she looks so adorable in them. I want a pair myself but for these “fashion” items I wouldn’t splurge £127.00 (about US$250.00) on them. After some research I’ve found that Fred Flare and Urban Outfitters has a few pairs of heart sunglasses for a fraction of the price. I personally don’t like the Fred Flare pair, they look too cartoonish but the Urban Outfitters pair is quite nice – I like both colors.

Peep the alternatives after the jump…

Urban Outfitters Sweet Heart Sunglasses, $16.00

Fred Flare Heart Sunglasses, $10.00


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9 thoughts on “Heart Sunglasses

  1. They are amazing 😀
    Try to take a look at or ebay, there is many in the same style as the U.O 🙂 (But cheaper)


  2. that’s so funny…ive been wanting a pair of heart shaped glasses for the longest, i tried on the ones in u.o last year but did’nt get them. and just today i was telling my bf that i should have. damn it…look’s like im taking a trip to the city=) xoxo j.

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