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Saturday, March 22, 2008 by Wendy Lam

As I’ve mentioned before I am interested in getting a pair of high heel sneakers. While looking through I came across three pairs of Ash High Heel Sneakers, the price is about right and the style is very cute. I’m debating on getting a pair of the Shell Satin High Heel Sneaker (reminds me a bit of Converse All Stars) either in eggplant or black, or the Black Sound Leather High Heel Sneaker – what do you guys think? The black leather pair looks quite like the Pierre Hardy High Heel Sneaker right? Hmm…I’m on a shoe craze, I’ve bought so many pairs of shoes in HK its ridiculous and I’m still shopping for more shoes haha! A gurl just can’t get enough shoes right?

More pics after the jump…

Ash Shell Satin High Heel Sneaker $130

Ash Black Sound Leather High Heel Sneaker $165

Ash Sound Metallic High Heel Sneaker $165



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35 thoughts on “Ash High Heel Sneakers

  1. Love the silver pair! They have such a sleek futuristic look to them- I can see them both with floaty floral summer dresses and with jeans and a chunky sweater…

  2. I have the satin heels in black. They are totally old school and look killer with a punked out jean vest or skirt. You should go for it and get them. They’re pretty comfy too!

  3. i love the eggplant ones iv been looking for high heels that look like converse but are not pointed i HATE pointed toes

  4. U can get flat converse sneakers knee high for
    $69.00 on
    i ordored them there fabulicious!
    and dont hurt your feet like heels
    cumfy and last long great do no wear and tear easaily
    water proof
    overall great

    • Were you able to order these shoes? I tried for hours to find them abd could only find the black in canvas for a size 10. If you know how I can get the leather I would truly appreciate your help. Thanks, Eva

  5. Where can I get the Ash Shell Satin Hig Heel Sneakers?? I want to have this shoes in grey and I haved look in the Web but I dint’t find them to buy!?
    Please help me and tell me where I can order this Ash heels !!!!
    Thanks a lot !!!

  6. Obviously beauty is within the eye of the beholder. I, as a major converse fan myself, think they are absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ve been trying to find ones like these because the other ones are WAY too pointy at the toes. These are just perfection.

  7. I really really want to find the shell satin high heel sneakers in black. can someone please tell me where i can but them?

  8. i bought a black pair like the magenta at
    electrique for $6.99..and you
    can prolly find that style in more bold colors
    there..i hope i helped..

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