H&M May/June 2008 Product Preview – Part 2

LOVE – WANT! Reminds of Balenciaga!

Photography: H&M

More of the H&M May and June product preview, I really like the floral dresses – super cute! Since there’s way too much products, I separated it in two pages (makes loading faster) and in two separate posts. Be sure to check out part 1!

> H&M May/June 2008 Product Preview – Part 1

Check out the preview after the jump…






Love this dress!


More pics on page 2…

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  1. i want the two short flowered dresses as well!!

  2. Giving me a Balenciaga effect.You need to buy that dress.

  3. Gosh this is all waaay too gorgeous. I want every singe piece on the first page. The top/dress before the cut is absolutely to die for and I agree with you about the Balenciaga reference. Also the frist two floral dresses after the cut..WOW!!!

  4. I like the brightly colored Navajo printed corset dress. That piece is on fiyah!!!

  5. Reminds me on Balenciaga, too! And the Prada gradient again!!! ;)
    I love the first dress on the second page, the combination of colours is awesome!

  6. Where is the men’s preview? So unfair! :(

  7. oh my! the purple floral thing, is it a mini dress or a top or what? so darn cute anyway!

  8. the first two dresses in the post are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  9. is the first top in stores now? i want it so bad but i can’t find it it realy remainds me of Balenciaga too;))

  10. the second dress is sooo beautiful, is it in stores right now ? I just gotta have one of those! :)

  11. Has anyone seen these in stores yet? =)

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