Chinese Laundry Top Over-The-Knee Boots – GREY!

Thursday, February 21, 2008 by Wendy Lam

As I mentioned back in January, I was obsessing over Serena’s grey over-the-knee boots when I watched epsiode 3 of Gossip Girl but soon learned they were completely sold out in grey! I opted for the black and dark brown suede pairs and a leather pair recently (yes I’m obsessed with over-the-knee boots) which are equally amazing, I rock them all the time and get compliments left and right about them.

The good news is that Chinese Laundry has brought back their best selling boot of the season, the sister boot of Strate, Top looks 99% identical and is available in a variety of colors – including GREY. I quickly jumped to joy and copped a pair myself just now, so hurry before they’re gone once again! Thanks to Maria for the tip!

> Chinese Laundry Top Over-The-Knee Boots – Chinese Laundry
> Chinese Laundry Top Over-The-Knee Boots – [Black & Brown] – Amazon

> Chinese Laundry Top Over-The-Knee Boots [Grey] – SOLD OUT
> Chinese Laundry Strate Over-The-Knee Boots – SOLD OUT

> Chinese Laundry Turbo Over-The-Knee Boots

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33 thoughts on “Chinese Laundry Top Over-The-Knee Boots – GREY!

  1. I have a question, is the Chinese Laundry Strate boots the real boots worn by her? I ordered the Strate from Amazon.com and had my grandfather ship it to Canada, when i got them they were huge on me, i think i could’ve been a size 7 instead of 8 (what i ordered) and also they were extremely wide (what i mean is they did not cling to my leg; was that the design of the boots? i though they were supposed to be tighter). I was really disappointed with them, plus it cost me$21 dollars for shipping to Canada 🙁
    Just wanted to share.

  2. Just an FYI regarding those Steve Madden Latchh boots you posted about earlier (that were in the target preview)…someone had posted that barefeetshoes.com had them so I ordered them (feb 8). on feb 12 it was still processing so I emailed them asking if they had an expected ship date. They replied the next day (feb 13) saying they received the order and it started processing the next day and how long to expect it to ship, etc. I got another email 2 days later (feb 15) saying they canceled my order because they were out of stock!! What a disappointment. 🙁 My hubby called to complain but they said they can’t show on the website when things are out of stock and it’s basically too bad for us. 🙁

    So….I’m glad you found the boots after all! It’s nice when things DO work out! 🙂

  3. sorry…meant to say that they said they received the order on feb 8 and started processing the next day. i dont know if that made sense or not. ;P

  4. the STRATE which is the orginal boot has a 12″ circumference…
    the TOP which is the sister boot has a 14″ circumference…
    i have average size calves and i could fit jeans that were not skinny into my strates…
    so TOPs must be huge on the calves… maybe fit sum wide leg jeans!

  5. yay! thanks i think i will most def add this to my collection of chinese laundry boots =) i have tip in black suede & leather.
    i’m just addicted to gossip girl.and i really love serena’s take on constance’s uniforms. the sweater vest is SUPER CUTE!! i haven’t found one like that yet..
    thanks for the tip!!

  6. There is a 20 off coupon for CL website on retail me not. I used it last week to buy the grey top boots. The run a little big, I normally wear a 7.5 to 8 and I got the 7.5 and could have prob gotten the 7 and fit. really cute though. suede is not good quality but i ended up paying like 80 bucks so i don’t really care.

  7. I also found the Purple, Black Leather and Brown ones at flyJane.net. They are all of the Chinese Laundry Over the Knee boots. They also have FREE shipping!

  8. I bought a 7 and a 7.5 of the TOP in ASH GREY and figured out I am a 7. I love them even though they are a lil big, there are some lil tricks you can use to collect/gather the excess material as well. Now I just have to send back the 7.5

  9. I clicked on the link up and the boots aren’t there… =(
    Please!! I’m totally obssesed with those boots, so if anyone knows where can I get them online I would be really thankful.

  10. does anyone know where i can get these boots in grey or black i cant find them anywhere.. totally sold out and somewhere that ships to the UK


    ash xox

  11. I absolutely love how comfy these boots are, but at the same time, i wish they also made the same style, but with maybe a 3″ heel.

  12. They have these boots at Macy’s for $79.00… And if you’re Canadian, all you have to do is show them a drivers license and you get an additional 11% off..
    Good luck!

  13. oh my goodness! thank god for this blog post or i would not have known that my most favorite boot ever was back in stock!!! after seeing serena wear these on gossip girl all i could find was black available!!!! am immediately getting a pair in grey and dare i say……..red!

  14. Hi I just have a question about your boots. It looks like you have small feet like me (I wear 5.5 US). What size are you wearing? Debating if I should get a size up as is recommended in some reviews I’ve read. Thanks!

  15. Hey guys, glad you love our boot. I am one of the designers at Chinese Laundry, my co-worker Candice designed those boots after a vintage pair found in our shoe library and I guess it was just the right timing. Dont worry girls those boots arn’t going anywhere anytime soon because they are one of our top boots, the “TOP” is the heel version but the exact one that she wore on Gossip Girl was the “TURBO” which is almost exactly as the TOP and the STRATE but it has a sliver wedge instead of that small heel. But get them while you can because although we will carry this style for a while, stock runs out pretty quick and grey suede is our hottest color. If you are in Los Angeles we have a store in L.A. and one in TOPANGA.

  16. hey angelo do you know if you guys will be getting anymore black leather turbo boots in size 9.5 ? I have been looking everywhere for them, i ordered a pair from the site recently but it was cancelled cus they have none in stock ? I really want these boots. Also does the “Top” run the same way as the “Turbo “?

  17. does anyone know if the top runs the same way as the turbo, because i need a 9.5 in the turbo but i cant find them anywhere so i would just get the top but dont know how they run ? Someone help me please !!!!

  18. What do you mean does the TOP run the same way? They are the same exact shoe. The last is the same, the last is the mould of the shoe. So yah, the only difference is the TOP has a mini heel and the TURBO has a sliver wedge. Other than that the specs of the shoe are all the same. I dont know much about shipping as I dont work in the retail store but we get shipments every day of product. They will eventually come and it is so popular that they wont stop production anytime soon. So keep checking. Thanks,

  19. ughhh i am in love with these boots..ive been trying to find them in the black leather in a size 9 but i havent had any luck..any suggestions? please i need help!

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