Olympics 2008: The Original Games by adidas – Part 1

L: Red V-Neck Tee, about US$50 (Jan); WMNS Indoor Super, about US$90 (April)
R: White Track Jacket, about US$77 (Jan); Superstar, about US$77 (Jan)

Photography: ???

In just 216 days, the Olympics Games 2008 in Beijing will take place, to¬†celebrate this great event adidas Originals¬†created ‘The Originals Games’ collection. There will be over 100 products to be released, ‘The Olympics Games’ will be released at adidas Originals locations. More pics after the jump…

L: China Track Jacket, about US$77; Red Track Pants, about US$65; China Marathon Vintage, about US$90 (Jan)
R: England Track Jacket, about US$77 (Jan)

China Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/04/08)

China Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/08/08)

Japan Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/08/08)

Germany Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/30/08)

France Track Jacket, about US$77 (1/16/08)

Australia Track Jacket, US$77 (01/30/08)

Brazil Hoody, about US$77 (01/08/08)

USA Hoody, about US$77 (01/08/08)

Women’s Volleyball Tee, about US$50 (April)

Jesse Owens Tee, about US$45 (Jan)

Bag, about US$100 (01/04/08)

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  1. lol, i can already see the fakes being sold all over Beijing.

  2. I love this! it looks almost like what chinese streetwear would look like!

  3. I want one of the China track jackets!

  4. Does anybody know where I can fine the white track jacket for girls? I live in NY, and can’t dind it yet, and looked at the Adidas site, and it’s not up yet.

  5. i’m having a problem trying to find a location to purchase the brazil hoodie (see above) and need some assistance.

  6. where can i buy the england track jacket. its so coool

  7. Hi do you know where i can get the germany adidas track top thank you

  8. hi, how can i but the china track jacket ?

  9. hi, how can i buy the china jacket ?

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