Olympics 2008: The Original Games by adidas – Part 1

L: Red V-Neck Tee, about US$50 (Jan); WMNS Indoor Super, about US$90 (April)
R: White Track Jacket, about US$77 (Jan); Superstar, about US$77 (Jan)

Photography: ???

In just 216 days, the Olympics Games 2008 in Beijing will take place, to celebrate this great event adidas Originals created ‘The Originals Games’ collection. There will be over 100 products to be released, ‘The Olympics Games’ will be released at adidas Originals locations. More pics after the jump…

L: China Track Jacket, about US$77; Red Track Pants, about US$65; China Marathon Vintage, about US$90 (Jan)
R: England Track Jacket, about US$77 (Jan)

China Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/04/08)

China Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/08/08)

Japan Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/08/08)

Germany Track Jacket, about US$77 (01/30/08)

France Track Jacket, about US$77 (1/16/08)

Australia Track Jacket, US$77 (01/30/08)

Brazil Hoody, about US$77 (01/08/08)

USA Hoody, about US$77 (01/08/08)

Women’s Volleyball Tee, about US$50 (April)

Jesse Owens Tee, about US$45 (Jan)

Bag, about US$100 (01/04/08)

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  1. lol, i can already see the fakes being sold all over Beijing.

  2. I love this! it looks almost like what chinese streetwear would look like!

  3. I want one of the China track jackets!

  4. Does anybody know where I can fine the white track jacket for girls? I live in NY, and can’t dind it yet, and looked at the Adidas site, and it’s not up yet.

  5. i’m having a problem trying to find a location to purchase the brazil hoodie (see above) and need some assistance.

  6. where can i buy the england track jacket. its so coool

  7. Hi do you know where i can get the germany adidas track top thank you

  8. hi, how can i but the china track jacket ?

  9. hi, how can i buy the china jacket ?

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