The Club Monaco Blazer

Thursday, January 3, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Club Monaco Blazer, $249

If you thought it was the end of the Balenciaga-inspired blazer, think again. During lunch today, I passed by Club Monaco and had to double-take. Saw another Balenciaga-inspired blazer in their window display. It looked pretty nice in the window and almost as good as the J.Crew Lexington Jacket I got so I had to go in to check it out. The blazer is priced at $249, but the quality doesn’t quite match up for that price in my opinion. This CM blazer is a great alternative if you can’t afford the Balenciaga one or couldn’t get the J.Crew Lexington, at least its better than the one at Forever 21. Seems like the Balenciaga blazer is going to be a classic, it’s here to stay.


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